Adam Grant Wharton-Give And Take- The More Things Change The More They Remain The Same.


Adam Grant Wharton-Give And Take

Adam Grant and about his book.  This give and take concept and philosophy is not necessarily a shiny new philosophy.  Even so, everyone should embrace and turn this mentality into a new skill.  With any luck, it will take you to the top your mountain too!

The book Give And Take is a hot seller and its premise is the buzz of the business community.  According to Adam Grant, he coined this title by focusing on the common threads between effective networking, influence, negotiation, collaborating and leadership skills.

Adam Grant Wharton Bio

is also the youngest tenured professor at The Wharton School.  His successes are a true testimony to the effectiveness of his business, leadership and personal management style.

Twenty year s ago, “Managing” was the buss word of the day.  There was managing by the numbers, managing by objectives, managing ad nauseum.  Today, managing is a step child and precursor to the in buzz word and new mantra of leadership.

Now everything you read is all about leadership.  Leadership is all about sharing a common purpose, having a moral compass, rallying the team around a compelling vision and everyone singing from the same hymnal.  While leadership is still a critical role in the business world with successful companies and entrepreneur’s, the subject has lost its shine, its buzz and media’s attention.

That’s why Give and Take is a hot topic today.  Everyone is looking for that one shiny button to push, that scroll bar that guides them to success.  But, truth be told, it sounds to me like just a little more of the same old thing.

What about the law of reciprocity.  Isn’t that all about give and take?  I do something for you; you do something for me-or, what about abundant thinking versus a scarcity mentality.  Yesterday the media was hot on both of these subjects that talked about give and take that fostered effective networking, influence, negotiation, collaborating and leadership skills.

So you have a couple of choices.  Dust off the covers of your old books on reciprocity or abundance thinking, or buy into the new coined phrase “give and take”.  This new version may be just a little newer, just a little more shiny and maybe just a little more insightful from the research and knowledge of yesterday.

Here’s the real lesson of the day.  Review old strategies, do some research, put a new name on it and go get yourself published. You may have the next buzz topic in business if you do it right like Adam did.  Here’s a link to Amazon to buy his new book.

Adam Grant Wharton recommendation

For now, I recommend you picking up a copy of the new book-“Give and Take” and see how the author includes case studies and personal history suggesting the benefits of an mentality of  extreme giving in the office and work place. Many of the examples:

1 the selfless C.E.O.’s

2 the consultants who mentor ad nausea are an inspiration and very humbling, even if they are a bit intimidating.

According to Adam Scott, he claims-“it’s an opportunity to help people, and therefore it’s an opportunity to feel good about yourself and your work. “I never get much done when I frame the 300 e-mails as ‘answering e-mails,’ ” Grant told me. “I have to look at it as, How is this task going to benefit the recipient?” Where other people see hassle, he sees bargains, a little work for a lot of gain, including his own.

The message sounds terrific: Feel good about your work, and does more of it

Like I said in the title, the more things change the more they remain the same. But they always seem to get a little shinier, a little brighter and a lot more effective. And the task of great author is to make the old seem new and the new some old.  Give and Take has done that perfectly.  I recommend anyone buying this book to start your journey to the top of your success mountain.

Here is a link to his new book at Amazon:give and take

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