Social Media Strategies In Less Than Twenty Minutes A Day


Social Media Strategies In Less Than Twenty Minutes A Day

Social media strategies- the beginning

Build your social media strategies

Social Media Strategies In Less Than 20 Minutes

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Start building your social media strategies today and fine new ways to connect with your customers and your market.

Small business marketers tend to avoid social media or are reluctant to jump on the social media wagon.  While there are various reasons, the biggest reason was simple.  They did not believe in the value of social media when it came to collecting fans and followers.

Social media strategies– learn about the value of social media strategies

Today more than ever, that has changes and the value of social media has become obvious to small businesses and major brands everywhere.

So now that you understand the value of social media and the notion it is not going away, it’s time to connect with customers and drive new business.  At the same time, you need a simple straight forward strategy you can use and implement daily.  I will be the first to admit that keeping up with YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace can be more than overwhelming.  Here is a simple day to day strategy and technique for staying on top of social media marketing in less than 15 minutes a day.

Social Media Strategies #1.  Blogging (5 minutes)

Review the latest headlines of posts on the influential blogs in your industry. Setting up an RSS feed makes easy to see them all in one place. Read a few, and post comments on one or two (with your Twitter handle or website attached, if possible). This helps to make readers aware of your brand and builds your online network

Social Media Strategies #2.  Facebook/Myspace (5 minutes)

Spend the first few minutes minute scanning your company Facebook wall or MySpace account to answer any new posts, comments or questions from fans and customers. Next, post an update, add a new product photo, or link to a story about something relevant to your industry. Aim for one new Facebook and My Space post per day. If you’re short of ideas, look at current events. Need to drum up business during a particularly the summer months for example? Come up with a fun Facebook coupon code (such as HEATWAVE) for any customer who gets two friends to “like” your page that week.

Social Media Strategies #3.  Tweeting (4 minutes)

Do a quick search on trending news in your market niche. Find a few stories that might be of interest to your customers or market niche. Tweet one, and schedule a few others to be automatically sent from your Twitter account later in the day.

Social Media Strategies #4.  Pin It (2 minutes)

Find or upload several images that relate to your brand and “pin” them to your Pinterest boards. Don’t over think it. Did you recently witness a great example of customer service, like homemade cookies at the check-in desk of your hotel? Pin that photo under “Inspiration” or “Customer Service.”

Social Media Strategies #5.  Referrals (3 minutes)

Referral is often over looked and one of the best avenues for finding new customers.  Offer your customers special discounts or coupons for referring you to them.  Heck, just asking if there is anyone they know who might benefit from your products and services is enough to snag some new customers.

Social Media Strategies #6.   Give Some Gratitude (1 minute)

Did a customer rave about you on some social media channel?  If it was Twitter, Tweet back and say thank you. If it was in blog or forum, sign in and leave a thanks for the vote of confidence message.  The same goes for positive reviews on Yelp and other social media forums. Expressing gratitude humanizes your business and makes people want to be a part of your social circle. Take the time to thank customers personally and your business will grow.

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Social media skills are valuable for connecting with your customers and markets and building your small business online.

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