Internet Marketing- Revealing The Answer To The 2 Big Questions On Internet Marketing By Learn A New Skill

Finding a diamond in the rough when it comes to internet marketing

Finding a diamond in the rough when it comes to internet marketing

Learning A New Skill Internet Marketing-

Revealing The Answer To The Two Big Questions On Internet Marketing

“Finding a diamond in the rough”.  When you finish reading this post, you too may find that internet marketing system that is just like finding a diamond in the rough

Learning A New Skill Internet Marketing- readers always ask the exact same two questions

I’m often asked to reveal the answer to the big question: what is the secret behind internet marketing, the one new skill to learn?  I’m also asked a similar question.  Is there one thing I could do to improve traffic and my overall page rank that improves sales for my online business?

Learning A New Skill Internet Marketing-the first question first

When it comes to the big secret on internet marketing, I suspect you won’t be surprised.  There is no one big secret. There isn’t just one new skill to learn.  Learning a new skill like online marketing and then competing online is becoming harder and harder every day.

Once you learn a new skill like internet marketing, it quickly becomes a full time job once you start, and in some cases, you are competing against the most sophisticated internet marketers in the world, with some of the best performing internet tools that give them an uneven playing field- along with the deepest pockets when it comes to financial resources that support their marketing efforts.   But don’t be dismayed, I do have some interesting insight to reveal what you should do and what you shouldn’t do as well as a peak at a high performance internet skill and internet performance tool that will work for anyone wanting to start an online business.

Learn a new skill internet marketing- the second question next

Is there one thing I should be doing for internet marketing is the next question.  Truth is, of course there is no one thing you should be doing.  If that were true, everyone would be doing just that one thing.

Learn a new skill internet marketing- what shouldn’t I be doing

Look, I’m a Blogger and (PIM) Professional Internet Marketer.  On my blog,I make valuable content available for my readers for free.  I’m also a consumer.  That means that I am pretty much just like you.  If you search online for information, sooner or later you will start to get bombarded with offers to get rich quick, make millions overnight.  I call it white noise.  In fact seldom does a day go by that I don’t get dozens of those types of offerings.  Most of the time, I get the same offer from different people all doing the same thing.  Now that is annoying.  In any case, this is the white noise I refer too and the 95% of what you need to avoid.

Typically these marketers provide no real value and just pass on the internet offering as affiliates.  When they say, Jimmy made $37,000 in revenues with this system; chances are real good he or she is not Jimmy.  They are passing the testimonials along with the offer.  The one internet marketer that gets your attention may just get your order.  These internet marketers sometimes don’t even own websites.  They just do email marketing as affiliates.

In a simple response to what you should be doing for internet marketing: do not listen to 95% of what you hear and do not buy what they promise.  Lots of white noise out there and typically 95% of these offering do not deliver on their promise.  Sure 95% is a big number, but a real number.  Know how I know?  It’s a fact- 95% of all internet marketing companies do not make money and fail terribly at it in the process.

Learn a new skill internet marketing-what you should be doing

Listen to the other 5% to be good at internet marketing.  Sounds easy but how do you know one from the other?  That is the tough question.  Remember, these internet marketers are a sophisticated bunch.  If you try every offer and promotion that comes your way, you will never get anything done.  The answer lies in stopping the non-sense and getting the right skills to do the right tasks to be accomplished online.

It all starts with trust.  If you trust this person, you should be able to trust what they say about a product.  Personally I have tried literally dozens and dozens of these affiliate programs including video marketing programs, email list building offers and a litany of others.  Honestly, I could do an expose of all of them with this simple truth.  They do not deliver riches like they promise.  Check out a few of the ones I bought into with names like:

  • Tube Blaster said learn a new skill for video marketing would make me thousands
  • Video Marketing Revealed- these new skills would get me ranked on page 1
  • Pigeon Hole- the one key secret to successful online list building
  • Facebook Anarchy-learn new skills to market on Facebook fell way short
  • List Building Dynamite- there was no learn a new skill here at all

Learn a new skill internet marketing- now think about this

While they each had something to offer you did not need to buy into a program that did not deliver anywhere near the promise they made about instant riches, thousands in cash in 30 days or huge financial successes when you buy their product.

They say there is a sucker born every minute, and I seem to be one for sure, every time I buy into this non-sense.  My only choice and my recommendation to you are this.  Stick to the basics of internet marketing.  Learn new skills about internet marketing to shore up that skill set.  That is your best choice going forward.

Learn a new skill internet marketing- think about this a second to prove my point further

Imagine for a second you made $39,000 in one month in internet marketing and doing what you do best.  If the process works, what would you do?  Would you offer this supposed secret for $7, 17 or even 37 dollars, or would you continue to scale that process up to make more and more money.  Why would you stop what you are doing, if it really works to create a product on your process and share it with people wanting to learn new skills on internet marketing for the few dollars you get?

Makes no sense to me and the standard quote stands the test of time.  If it’s too good to be true, it is.  There is a sucker born every minute, and I sure seem to be one of those too….but not anymore!!!

Learn a new skill internet marketing- taking on the big dogs

But what if we actually found internet skills and performance tools that fit in that 5% success factor for internet marketing?   A unique approach to internet marketing that has at its core: sound internet marketing principles…in a turnkey system that requires no technical work and easy for anyone to do?  Meaning, it’s scalable and can easily be duplicated.  Now that would get my attention and that would sure catch my eye!

So, here’s what I’m thinking right now.    I think I may have found one, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding.  I’m only half way through training videos and content but what I see makes total sense and I buy into their overall philosophy.

I’m considering running a case study on this blog based on this new integrated internet marketing concept.  The case study will start at the beginning of launching a new online business.  I will follow this new program step by step, using the tools they provide and content and information they provide.  I will include and disclose everything including: what I did, as well as measuring the success of this new business or multiple businesses over the next 30, 60 90 days.  The case study will also include posts each step of the way to what was done.  I will actually sequence the entire process.  Then and only then will you be able to determine for yourself if this new internet marketing model works or not.  Heck, you might even want to try it yourself if it does what I think it will do.  Where else can you witness a first-hand case study and live testimonial on how to build an internet business successfully, before you ever have to spend a dollar?

Learn a new skill internet marketing- coming soon from a PIM (Professional Internet Marketer)

I know internet marketing and it is difficult.  If you want an integrated and effective and easy internet marketing system or if you want to learn a new skill for internet marketing, then you will not want to miss this once it starts, so stay tuned.  Heck, I will show you how I picked my niche, how I set up my website/blog, I will even share the income the new online business generates including how little it cost me to set up and how little time I put in to it.

I will track and measure, time, expenses and profits…and I will let you all be the judge.  I will call the case study “Showcasing- The Easiest Way To Build An Online Business”.  Step, by step, post by post…tell your friends, talk it up at the water cooler and stay tuned to learn a new skill blog.  Just so you know, as of this post, I have no ideas or products in mind.  That is the real exciting part for me.  I will go through the development of all of this as I start this case study.  This is the best way I know of to learn a new skill like internet marketing.

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