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Google Page Ranking

Example of a Google page rank first page # 1 ranking Google Page Ranking- Case Study On Affordable Mini Websites Done For You Introduction

Google Page Ranking- Case study introduction

On May 1st I announced the start of a case study to review the mini websites I bought through an affiliate program called Bring The Fresh.  On April 25th 2012, I registered the domain name http://www.signsofaspergerssite.com  An exact match was not available, but the right keywords were required so we got as close to it as possible.

Google page ranking- what’s been done to date

Since that time, three articles have been entered to the blog, all are keyword driven with the domain name in the title.  Along with that, several articles have been written and submClick Here!itted to several article directories.  Also, I personally did a video and posted it to Youtube.

Google page rank- the initial plan

As was discussed earlier, the plan is to wait until the mini website starts to rank in Google.  Thus far, not quite a month we are now 61st in Google page ranking and my video on Youtube is in Google page ranking at 51.  In the next thirty days we should see some sizable moves in our Google page ranking.

Google page ranking- the goal

The key is to get to the first page of Google, ideally the first spot on the first page.  As we make progress towards our goal I will keep this updated.  You will see first hand how this is going and how you can do the exact same thing at a very affordable price.

Google page ranking- the final plan

Our final plan is to monetize the site as an Affiliate, meaning we pan to make money with it by offering an affiliate product..  A product has been identified and as we monetize the blog down the road, the actual product name will be revealed.  That is why our privacy policy has been detailed, as well as our compensation policy, to stay in line with standard practices for Affiliate Marketing.

Google page ranking-mini websites done for you

Is a product that is available to customers of the Bring The Fresh Program.  This is an affordable mini site where they do all the work including guarantee their performance.  They research the keyword and that is one of the best features about the product.  Sometimes these mini web sites are closed for sale.  Key is to jump in when they announce that they are open.

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