Learn New Skills-Anchor Posts For Blogs-

Learn New Skills-anchor post for blogs

Learn New Skills: anchor post for blogs

Learn New Skills-Anchor Posts For Blogs

For all you Bloggers out there, or those who plan to be, do you know the difference between a typical post and an “anchor post?”

Learn new skills anchor posts

Anchor posts are a specific kind of post that search engines love, readers enjoy and anchor posts are great for SEO.

Learn new skills- about this blog

I’m big on leadership and training.  Simply stated, my loyal readers come to my blog to learn new skills.  When I coach and train, I always use the term “teachable moment” and here is what I mean.  I get hundreds of positive comments a week.  Some are surprised by the length of my posts, but even, then the comments go on to say how surprisingly easy it was to read through the article and more importantly, the content they got gave them the information they were searching for when they found my blog.

Learn new skills– searching for subjects of interest online

When you search online for any subject online, what you typically find are snippets of information, redirects to other sites, references to books on the subject, than if you are lucky, maybe  you find a couple of sites that deliver some basic information.    Studies show that a typical search can take you 20-30 minutes, some up to 3 hours, and usually what you are looking for isn’t found until around the 36th website or blog from the top of the list.   That is 2 pages away from the first page a search engine delivers.

When you get to my blog, you can be assured you will find the message and the content delivered in full. Some people don’t consider the time of the search in comparison to spending 10 minutes reading about what they look for.

Learn new skills-anchor post defined

Here’s the teachable moment.  The posts I provide are usually for high level skills or complicated subjects.  They require background and depth of information to provide the complete picture and storyline. In blogging we call these posts “anchor posts.”  They are typically more than 700 words and deliver both the content and the message.  If you have your own blog, you should write at least one anchor post a month.  The search engines really love anchor posts amd so will your readers.

I Hope this helps to shed some light on the length of the articles and why I can’t deliver them in 3-400 words like most blogs give you.  In an age of push buttons, quick fixes and scrolling bars, sometimes you just have to settle down and spend the time to learn what you want to know, once you finally find it.

So far, I have laid a solid foundation for you with previous posts in the areas of learning, thinking, innovation and creativity for generating great ideas.   Along with those posts, I also published a book that many of you have read called: Be Thinkful© – to help you:

  • Become a better thinker
  • Become better at problem solving and make better decisions
  • Become more creative and generate great ideas
  • Become better at influencing and persuading

Between the posts and the book, you now have access to all the basic skills you need to be more effective, more productive and more successful in your careers or in your business.  To piggy back on my last post on living your dream, you now have the tools to make living your dream a reality as well.

In the last post on living the American dream, I mentioned at the conclusion I would start to road map a blue print on how to live the American dream of owning your business and how with the right skills and performance tools you will flourish and be successful doing it.  After these next two posts on another critical high level skill set,  we will journey together into the World Wide Web, where you can showcase your new business passion or products, or we will help you reach new levels with your current online/online business: one pixel at a time.

I have one more post on the subject of influence and persuasion before that happens.  Don’t miss it.  Discover how important influence and perusasion is to your long term successes.  It inlcudes the 3 golden keys to unlocking your golden treasure.