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New Skills – why blog about blogs?

Recently I posted an article about the different types of websites available on the internet.  The feedback was very positive.  Most people never knew the various types of websites and most of you found it helpful when you searched online.

New Skills-the two types of blogs in simple terms

There are basically two types of logs out there in the blogosphere:

1 is an authority blog

2 the other is an expert blog                              

New Skills – how to tell the difference

An authority blog spends their time linking out to expert sites.  It goes something like this.  Hey readers, check out the great information on monetizing your blog at  They bring value some value to the contents, but what they are really doing is sending you to an expert on the subject, or certainly someone that had more life experience with the subject so they can offer deeper experience to  the subject in the way of contents.  The long and short of an authority site is to redirect you to the expert so they use what we call- outbound links.

The opposite site of the same coin is the expert.  These bloggers deliver invaluable content, rich dynamic information and real life experience  about the subject you queried when you searched online.  Expert blogs have links coming in to them.  For example, want to learn new skills, then we are the expert blogging site and other bloggers send their readers to read more of what we write about on any particular subject.

Learning New Skills- why it matters to understand the difference

It’s important if you want to go to the original source of the subject, the resident expert-  per say.  Then you know whatever else you read there will be rich content, right on point and all in one place.  Most people who search online line do not want to be redirected to other sites.  They are searching for specific information and want to find it one click, not click after click to oh yeah…here it is after 30 minutes of .spinning your browser and wasting your valuable time.

Next time you are on a new blog for the first time, notice if the blogger sends you somewhere else for the basic information, or for more information.  If they do, chances are they are authority bloggers.  Also, when you finally do find everything you want and need on the subject, you can know they are an expert bloggers and return to them down the road for more information.

Learning New Skills- who to use expert and authority bloggers

Keep two lists: one for authority blogger the other for expert bloggers.  The next time you search for information, go back to your expert bloggers first.  Chances are if they cover the subject of interest, you will be sure to find everything you need there.  If you need more insight, than you can go to your expert bloggers and see where they take you.

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