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Hey there. In my last post I told you that I found that diamond in the rough when it comes to online marketing services..  At the same time, I mentioned I was planning to launch a case study to show you that it works.  More on this later.

Chances are, if you’re looking for ways to make money, it’s because you want to get ahead in life, or maybe you or someone you care about is in a cash pinch. Either way, I’m glad you found this blog, because I know this article will help you.  Making money from home using the internet will be a trend that grows and drives our economy for years to come.

They say 3 billion people will be coming online in the next ten years and this makes making money from home using the internet a skill set to own.  This product teaches you all the skills you need for making money from home using the internet!!!

Making money from home using the internet- the research

For years, I have been searching for just the right program where you can make money from home and right online.  Not that long ago I found myself searching the Internet for answers to my basic problems. And that started with wanting to earn extra money. It wasn’t luck that I stumbled across something exciting. If you or someone you care about needs to make more money and want to make money from home, than this post may be the most important article you ever read.

After buying and reviewing dozens of products filled with idol promises, and empty hopes, I finally hit on a couple of guys that know what they are doing and talking about.  Better yet abd if you prefer, they will also help you do it!  Very affordable and they Guarantee both their products and servoces.

Making money from home Using the Internet-the storyline.

The products creators are Mike Long and Kelly Felix and they’ve made well over $30 million dollars online by providing a unique process for internet marketing.  Particularly, marketing one page websites on the Internet and getting them ranked on Google.  To see it now, Click Here!

Make money from home-page ranking

That is the key to their online marketing services success for making money from home. Here is the beauty of their system.  They are not only willing to share their secret blueprint, step by step, they alsoprovide a short full menu of affordable turn key websites they will build for you.  And it even gets better.  Their unique step by step system works for everyday people like me and you, quickly and easily.

Making money from home using the internet-product review

Several weeks ago I purchased this hot new system for making money from home using the internet.  This product comes with a quick start guide you can download and inlcudes dozens of how to videos from the two owners, on how they do what they do and why their system works.

Their system is very leading edge for making money from home using the Internet.  They actually bundle several other products within their core product which gives yu additional insight in to what they do.  They also offer two done for you products that are very affordable.  They guarantee page ranking, monetizing and do everything for you if you want that service.

Making money from home using the Internet- case studies coming and sites live now

To show you how their system works I will start a case study and update it in future posts.  While I have all the marketing skills to do this project on my own, I opted to buy their done for you product to show you that for a very small investment, they will guarantee page ranking on your website and keyword.  This is truly a turnkey website from keyword research to optimizing the site to monetizing it.  I will show you how it develops and how it performs.  The beauty is for well under a grand they will do it all for you.


George Napoli

While there are no absolute guarantees in life, I can’t 100% guarantee that Mike and Kelly’s method will help you make oodles of money, like they have for thousands of others. But I can promise that you’ve got nothing to lose by checking out their online marketing services and Internet system now.  Click Here!


Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools- An Introdcution By Learn New Skills Blog

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Tools

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Tools

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools

Published by Learn New Skills Blog

Learn New Skills Blog– The #1 Trusted Resource For Skill
Development Strategies: Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business: Including A
Combination Of Free And Inexpensive Skills And Internet Performance Tools For
Online Marketing.

Our company delivers more value on any product or service we deliver-Guaranteed.

“I say money spent wisely always brings back great returns and rewards.  I also say
using free resources are the heart, the pulse and the prudence of wise people.”

We have two themes behind the top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and perfromance tools: 

1.    No Money? No Problem!!!  Free SkillsFree Internet Tools

2.    Using skills and performance tools together is like magic!!!

At Thanksgiving time, everyone thinks about being grateful and sharing, and I am no different.  I produced this free list for my students, customers and loyal followers who want to continue to learn.  I know that everyone that reviews this information will get tremendous help and value, and ideally, something meaningful develops for you by using the top 50 free resources.

These top 50 best free websites 2011 and resources are all FREE sites.  Free SkillsFree Tools.  Use them every day to grow yourself or your organization.

Let’s start with a quick lesson and a quick footnote on blogging.  When it
comes to blogging and posts and a blogs structure like headlines, redundancy
seems to be the hallmark in order to maximize your post, your search engine
optimization and your keyword density. Sometimes the best way to getting the message through loud and clear is also to repeat it and revise it subtly, because saying the same thing different ways clicks with some people better.  You will find this post to be true to this footnote for the reasons just mentioned.

Originality is the art of concealing your source- Thomas Edison

While there is a lot of truth to this quote, that is not our philosophy.  We’ve
taken the high ground to share and enlighten you on the most effective skills
and performance tools on the internet.

The top 50 best free websites list is the best of the best free resources for employees and managers who want to learn new skills so they can grow personally and professionally, as well as for
entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business offline or online by taking it to the next level.

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools.  The 5 categories we picked, the exact categories will be revealed in a second, for this free list is in the areas of:

  1. Skill development and strategies and free internet skills
  2. Educational training and knowledge
  3. High level performance tools for effectiveness
  4. High level internet skills and tools for perfromance and
    online marketing

This list is unique.  Sure we have a few of the basics that any top
50 site holds, more importantly, it also holds more real gems than it does the
typical sites usually mentioned.  Some of our sites at first glance may seem a little obscure or unfamiliar to main the stream, but we assure you they are loaded with excellent resources in the categories we included.  Who really needs another Yahoo reference or Google search tool. Sure, several of the critical must have tools are there, but for the most part, this list is quite unique.

Our top 50 best free websites list of free resources online was compiled specifically for both employees and managers looking to grow personally and professionally, but also for entrepreneurs looking to start a businesses, or small businesses looking to grow to the next level.  All  of these sites for learning new skills and knowledge, as well as for using high  level performance tools and internet tools are FREE, except one- and they would have won the best of the best in free media publicity.  Only trouble with this site is: they charge a very small service fee-less than a cup of coffee.  More about them later.  All in all, there are 50 free websites online 2011, covering 5 categories, with one #1 winner in each category as the best of the best.

Before I go further, I recognize that all readers may not know me or know anything about me.  When you learn a little about me, you will understand why this list about free resources, these categories and why this list will appeals to my customers and any
employee, manager or entrepreneur, basically anyone wanting to learn new skills.

Here’s a little about me…and I’m not just another pretty face.  My name is George Napoli and I’m a little older and part of the new 40 generation.  I’ve been passionate about entrepreneuring since 1989.  10 years later I had 450 employees and I was
fortunate to sell my business to my Executive Management Team.  In my three year employment agreement before the sale was completed, I initiated a new learning initiative called Insight Career and Professional Development.

Between that program and my online boutique specializing in free coaching
for inventors and entrepreneurs in growth strategies for new business
development, I have trained and coached thousands of employees, managers,
inventors and entrepreneurs in Leadership Training, Six Sigma, New Business
Development and a wide range of subjects, core disciplines and life changing
skill sets like innovation, thinking and creativity.  I thought I retired in 2008, more on this in the entrepreneur category.

In an era of quick decisions, push buttons and scrolling bars, some people like to scan and read the headlines only for their content.  The top 50 list can easily be scanned by
category.  Others like to read more to learn and understand the full storyline.  Either way, the choice is yours.

The internet is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills and find useful tools for being effective and for improving your online marketing performance.  You just have to know where to look.  Sure, you can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to
search for sites, but we wanted to save you a lot of time and frustration, and
best of all- they are all in one place and FREE!!!.  These websites and resources are all trusted authorities within their category.

This top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools will be especially helpful to anyone looking to learn new skills and especially entrepreneurs and small businesses wanting to use the most effective performance tools and online marketing tools to help them grow and accomplish their goals.   Learning new skills and having effective performance tools are especially important to becoming a top performer.

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools- Influencing Key

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, employee, or a business owner marketing online or offline..  The internet is a major influencing key and learning tool for you.  Also, if you are an entrepreneur and looking to start a local business, statistics show that over 65% of all consumers check the internet first for local companies before they
buy.  If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to embrace the future by marketing your small business online.

Top 50 Free Webistes 2011 Skills ANd Performance Tools-Awards Badge #1

Top 50 Free Webistes 2011 Skills ANd Performance Tools-Awards Badge #1

Here is the official award emblem for our 1st  place winners in each of the 5 categories for the top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools.  These resources are all dedicated to their body of knowledge (BOK), meaning they are not merely directories that point you to other places.  Their common goals are for the advancement of learning new skills, or providing you with the most effective and functional skills and performance tools.

Here are the 5 categories we chose, a total of 10 in each category, for our top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools:

  1. Education- there is no better place to acquire knowledge and develop skills than on the web.  From leadership skills to any subject you want to learn about and master: it’s right here in these top 10 free education sites.  Top online universities, top online training programs, and websites that teach you new skills and knowledge in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines.
  2. Entrepreneurs– it’s all about knowledge and experience, and having the right skill sets to be successful.  These are the best of the best for free sites for business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to use high performance tools to become more effective, to grow and manage their business or for launching a new business and products.
  3. Internet Marketing– Many on this list will be new to you.  These sites will greatly enhance your internet presence for online marketing.  Great for offline and online marketers.  These high level Internet skills and high level performance Internet tools will jump start your business, or take it to another level.
  4. Social Media Support– everyone knows the many popular social media sites out there.  So you won’t see them here.  What you will see is support for social media
    to help you measure your social media effectiveness in marketing.  We also include a selection of sites that are analytical and track and monitor social media, as well as bloggers that are respected authorities for helping you manage your blogs effectively.   As more online marketers turn to social media, communicators need to find monitoring tools to track and measure social media activities, visibility and trends. These sites give you the inside story into hot subjects, trends and what people are actually tweeting, posting and writing about.  Find out if they are
    talking about you and find out what they are saying.
  5. Free Publicity/Media Online no  better way to launch products and services and promote your business than  through free advertising and free publicity. In our opinion, these ten across  the board are real gems. These sites, just like many of the others are  typically used daily for our online marketing needs.  Start using them today.
Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools- Power of the Web

It’s easy to forget these days that the web started out as a place for academics and
researchers to trade data and knowledge.  Recapture the web’s brain-expanding potential with our free resources for educating yourself online, learning new skills and
using internet performance tools.

By now you may be asking why we chose- learn new skills and internet performance tools from all the possible subjects available?  And why emphasize employees and entrepreneurs as our target listeners?  In an era of a shrinking economy, 401k’s
reduced to 201k’s and record unemployment levels, people need to become more
self reliant-which drives the entrepreneurial spirit.  That covers why we chose entrepreneurs.  Employees and Managers need new skills to compete in the job market, to perform better and to grow personally and professionally and they need them to run and manage the business they were hired for. That’s why the top 50 list is geared to them as well.

Universal World of Entrepreneurs

Universal World Of Entrepreneurs

Universal World Of Entrepreneurs

Statistics tell our story and these facts don’t lie.  In the Universal World of Entrepreneur’s and Employees, where everyone of us resides, less than 5% of all business owners and managers have all the skills necessary to run or manage a successful business. On the other side of the same coin, that means 95% of employees and entrepreneurs need to enhance their knowledge and skills.  Every one of us competes in this Galaxy no matter what their profession or business.  They include a cast of colleagues and competitors we like to call:  Rising Stars, Fast Trackers, Existing Talents and Wannabe’s.  You can read all about this Galaxy on our blog.

With so much emphasis on consumers becoming self reliant for their own economic well being, it’s important to note that never before in the history of our country, has it been easier for entrepreneurs to start a new business.  Today, entrepreneurs can launch a small business faster and with less upfront capital than ever before.  This is especially true with the explosion of the internet.

The five categories we chose gives all consumers and especially employees/managers and entrepreneurs, the most focused selection of educational skills and performance
tools, with the widest range of utility for success in learning and growing
personally and professionally, for achieving business goals, enriching lives
and improving life styles.  Growing from a Wannabe or Existing Talent to Rising Star and Fast Tracker, should be everyone’s aspirations, and it is certainly within everyone’s reach The top 50 best free websites for 2011 have two dimensions to them.  Some are skill  driven, for knowledge and learning, the others are tool driven for increasing
performance.  They can be used for everything from learning to be a successful entrepreneur, becoming a top performing employee, or for anyone looking to enrich their lives and life styles through learning.

Learn New Skills staff believes it’s a COMBINATION of SKILLS and the most effective “USE” of PERFORMACE TOOLS that will help you grow personally and professionally, and help you become more successful as an online or offline-business bar none.

Before we introduce our 50 candidates and our 5 first place winners let’s take a deeper look at what exactly a skill is and what exactly a tool is, since we use these terms throughout.  It’s important to know and understand the difference between them.

Skills (sk

l) n.

1. Proficiency, facility, or
dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience. See
Synonyms at ability.


a. An art, trade, or technique,
particularly one requiring use of the hands or body.

b. A developed talent or ability,
something you learn: writing

Tools  (t

l) n.

1. A device, such as a saw,
used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work.

2. A machine, such as a
lathe, used to cut and shape machine parts or other objects.

3. Something regarded as
necessary to the carrying out of one’s occupation or profession: Words and content are
the tools of our trade.

4. Something used in the performance of an operation; an instrument: “Modern democracies have the fiscal and monetary tools . . . to end chronic slumps and galloping inflations” (Paul A. Samuelson).

 It’s like Magic!!!   And the most important thing to remember…using skills and the right performance tools in combination- is like MAGIC!!!

In our opinion, knowledge comes first, than skills.  And when it comes to skills
and tools, skills out-trump tools every time.  That’s being loyal to our company name: Learn New Skills.  However, when the right high level performance tools for either being more effective, or for online marketing are used effectively, it’s the tools that win and keep you ahead of the competition.  Here is an example of what we mean when we
say- using new skills and tools “in combination” is like MAGIC!.

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011: Skills And Performance Tools- Like Magic

“Using skills and performance tools in combination is like Magic!   I will relate it in a short story.

I’m playing golf one day in a major local charity outing and one of the prizes is a $350 ticket to a magic show, that if won, would be brought right to your home for you and your friends to enjoy.  I love magic.  I keep searching for the kid within, so I buy
three tickets for a good cause, and place two tickets in the magic show box and
one ticket goes in the hopes of winning tickets to the Yanks vs. The Sox.

Later that evening I learn that I was the winner to the magic show.  So I’m
sharing my story with a friend about winning, and telling my friend how much I
love magic, and that I’m thinking about stopping by the local magic shop to buy
some magic tricks.  Maybe develop a new hobby to entertain myself and close friends.
He laughed, though I didn’t think that it was a particularly funny statement.  It was his comment after the laugh that got me.  His comment brings everything to light.  He said “you can buy all the magic tricks, props and tools you desire, but at the end of the
day, you will never be a magician.”  That is what we call a teachable moment and what we mean by knowing the right skills and using the right tools together…it’s like magic- you become a MAGICIAN!

“Success is never final and failure is never fatal”

When it comes to learning, the best lesson of all is to learn that we need to change our one dimensional orientation towards goals, to a dual-dimension.  When we have a single orientation towards goals like success, the trouble is, once we become successful; sometimes we lose our sense of purpose, drive and motivation.   Not so when you have learning and new skills as part of your goals.  There is something always new to learn and learning lets you grow personally and professionally and lets you take any successes to the next level.

Over the next 5 days, we will release  one category each day starting with free publicity online.  We think the free publicity online category  is one of the most interesting and useful and runs at the heart of any entrepreneur  or new businesses.  Typically, they have  little to no cash and resources.  We end  our top 50 with what we think is the Heart  of the top 50: EDUCATION.  The other  three categories will be revealed in no particular sequence, but are none the less  of great interest and value to all.

In closing I want to share a little insight on the three  things that everyone KNOWS:


Three Things We Know

Three Things We Know


  1. We know what we know
  2. We know what we don’t know
  3. We don’t know what we don’t know

From  this we learn, there is so much more to know.

Like we said in our opening statement:

“No Money? No Problem!”  Using skills and performance tools in
combination is just like MAGIC!!!

We hope you find our top 50 best free  websites for 2011 useful and valuable.
Learn new skills for self development and improvement today.  Use high performance internet tools today to  grow your business to the next level. Your future successes, dreams and aspirations  depend on it.

 Top 10 reasons to use the top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools:

  1. top 50 best free websites 2011skills and performance  tools: all sites are all certified and trusted
  2. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: all sites are the best of the best on the internet
  3. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools:   they are FREE
  4. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: learn new skills
  5. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: use internet performance tools for online marketing is prudent
  6. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: dedicated sites and not directories
  7.  top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: saves you time from finding them
  8. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: grow personally
  9. top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance  tools: grow professionally
  10. top  50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools: grow your business to next  level