How To Make Money From Home Using Mirco Websites- Case Study Update

How to make money from home through Google Page Ranking

How to make money from home through Google page ranking

How to make money from home- the background

Back on the 1st of May 2012, I introduced the beginning of a case study I was launching.  The case study centered on me reviewing an Affiliate product I bought into.  The case study objective was to test the validity of their product offering, claims and performance.

How to make money from home- the affiliate products

That affiliate product that teaches you how to make money from home is called Bring The Fresh. I bought in to this product and learned the internet skills to develop my own online business.  I use their techniques everyday.  Buying this product, also gave me access to another product they sell call “Done For You”.  Back in April on the 25th, 2012 I bought this product and that same day they had me register the domain name, for the keyword phrase they wanted to get ranked on Google.  An exact match was not available, but the right keywords were required, so I got as close to the phrase “signs of aspergers” as possible.

It is now the 18th of June and here is the update for what are all calling “how to make money from home” case study.  In the first couple of weeks, they posted three articles to the blog and submitted several article to Unique Article Wizard for back links.  There was no page ranking movement for the following two weeks either.

Several weeks back I tested the market and found our site having a Google page ranking of 71.  One week later when I checked it again, it could not be found.  I notified the company and expressed my concern; patience is not my long suit, even when I know these things take time.  Typically, it takes 1400-2000 back links and conventional wisdom dictated no more than 25 a day so they are not considered black hat type of back links.

How to make money from home- current update

So here we are June 19, 2012 and I am now page ranked at 12.  That’s a huge jump in standings and I am only two off the first page of Google.  So let’s tell you all about the Bring The Fresh Done For you products.  Remember, you have to be a customer of their Bring The Fresh Products before you have the option to buy into the done for you sites, and remember, they are not always available.  They open up ten slots a week, every so often, so you have to act when they are available.

How to make money from home- a complete Done For You Blog in any niche you want

A custom website built by their team, in any industry you like, setup with plugins, a premium theme, original content, copywriting, backlinks, and GUARANTEED Page 1 ranking on Google. They will also add in adsense and affiliate code as well, so you can make money quickly.

How to make money from home– what the Bring The Fresh Team will do for you…

  • You tell their team an industry to target, (and an area if you want to target local results).
  • Their team will do the keyword research FOR YOU, and find a keyword that has high commercial value, at least 1,000+ exact match searches monthly, and a related product that you can sell through an affiliate program.
  • Create a great looking blog, centered around any keyword or niche you want.
  • They will install WordPress.
  • They will setup the theme.
  • They will configure all of the plugins.
  • They will categorize and tag everything properly.
  • They will write 3 original blog posts centered around your keyword of choice.
  • They will write a 4th “money post” – this is the post that will focus on getting you sales of whatever product you are promoting. All you need to do is add your affiliate link, or send it to the team and they will add it for you.
  • They will integrate Google Adsense into the site so that you can make money from ads showing on your site.
  • Your site will be built EXACTLY how they build sites for themselves.
  • All you would need to do after that is sell the site or enjoy the monthly income.

How to make money from home-your choices

If you’d like to sell the site, they will show you EXACTLY how to do it… they will even help you sell it for as much money as possible.

You can’t miss…it’s GUARANTEED!!!

How to make money from home- learn more now

Buy Bring The Fresh Affiliate product now and learn the internet skills you need to grow you online business or, get your site done free when this product becomes available.