Learn New Skills- Organizational Effectiveness for Employees and Employers

Learn New Skills- Organizational Effectiveness for Employees and Employers

Learn New Skills- Organizational Effectiveness Getting the High A

Learn New Skills- Organizational Effectiveness for Employees and Employers

Organizational Effectiveness-the real issue for both the employee and employer

“85% of all employees do not know what is expected of them.”  That my friend’s is the sad truth.

It’s 2012 and a New Year.  For employees: is it going to be just another year for you, or is it going to be a year of excelling at your job and getting ahead in your career?
For employers:  Is this going to be a top performing year for your company, or just another same old, same old, just like last year?

Organizational Effectiveness- the high A

Let’s take a different perspective on this subject.  I remember the good old days when I was a student.  Personally, I’ve never taken a class that provided a grade without asking the most important question upfront, on the first day of the class:  “What’s the high A?”  The second important question that follows up the first is:  what can I do for extra credits?

Here’s the wisdom behind the two most important questions you need answers to in school as well to at work if you want excel.  If you don’t know what you have to do to get the high A, you will inevitably come up short on the grade, or even miss the mark completely.  Conversely, if you know what you have to do to get the high A and you come up short, you have a safety valve from the second question you already asked: extra credits.

These strategies provide the following insight for you: first, you need to show the
teacher, in this case your boss, that you are interested in excelling and that you care about your performance.  And second, extra credit could be the buffer to move that needle one mark, to the high A and closer to above standard performance, keeping you in good standings for future growth and promotions at your job.

Organizational effectiveness- the high A at work

You should apply that exact same philosophy and strategies to work, the very first day you start in a new job, and here’s why.  If I know what’s expected of me, in this case the high A, I now have the framework for providing a standard of performance at or above expectations.  You have to know what is expected of you going into the job.  For those of you that that never found out the first day, well, today is the first day of your understanding about the high A and expectations.  So start today to know what’s expected of you.

Organizational Effectiveness-What great employees do:

  • Ask what it takes to get the high A
  • Ask for and use their job description to guide them to effectiveness
  • Request and review the performance review they will be measured by and then systematically excel at the components and metrics they are measured by
  • Ask their boss what they have to do to get promoted
  • Always ask if there are opportunities to learn and take classes and programs that improve your job skills and core discipline
  • Knowing about additional projects; the extra credits they can take on to support the company and their cause for advancing their careers and in getting the high A

Organizational Effectiveness-What great employers do:

  • Select good people and find ways to motivate them
  • Define clear specific expectations of each employee hired by providing a job
    description and annual performance review at date of hire
  • Praise and give recognition when a job is well done
  • Provide guidance and correction when mistakes happen- we call these teachable moments
  • Care for people and treat them the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated
  • Set expectations that are clear and that use SMART goals- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time framed
  • They use actions, words, examples and metaphors and vividness to share the mission of the company and the common purpose and goals they share together supporting a common cause
  • They use clarity as the anecdote of uncertainty

Organizational Effectiveness-get them emotionally involved

If your team comes to work looking to enjoy themselves, looking to be stretched, challenged, inspired, and to get involved, then you have a big chance of getting the very best out of them.

Four disturbing emotions for employees:

  • 1 bored- not engaged
  • 2 unfulfilled- enjoys acting on values
  • 3 frustrated- strengths not in sync
  • 4 drained- the job saps your energy

Organizational Effectiveness   Conclusion

Want organizational effectiveness?  Then remove these disturbing emotions for your employees by providing them with a chance to share in a bright future, treating them with respect and fairness and by informing
them of what is actually expected of them.

Want to excel at work?  Then learn was is expected of you and get that high A!!!

George Napoli is both an author: Be Thinkful©, as well as an entrepreneur having coached and trained thousands of employees and entrepreneurs in high level skill sets in Leadership, Six Sigma, Management Training and a wide range of high level- life changing skill sets like thinking, creativity and innovation and change.  I hold Masters Certificates in Human Resource Development, Strategic Organizational Leadership and a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, all from Villanova University.

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