The Key To Google Page Ranking Success Is The (KPI) Key Performance Indicators

SEO for Google Page Ranking Using KPI

Using KPI for Google Page Ranking

Google Page Ranking Success Key Is The (KPI) Key Performance Indicators

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If you want to be successful at online marketing and make money online, you have to incorporate the KPI into your internet skills to get to the top of Google page ranking.  Every successful internet marketer knows how important these performance indicators are to a thriving online business.  If you don’t know already, it’s all about traffic.  “Traffic is the currency of the internet.”  But knowing about traffic (customers, visitors, etc.) is just the first step and a single dimension.  You must now get your arms around the entire concept of traffic.  Not only attracting traffic, but also converting traffic, knowing where it comes from and what it does once it gets to your website.  The more you know about this component, the better your online marketing performance.

Google page ranking- 4 models online

There are basically 4 different types of online business models.  They do not take into account any business models that are hobby, craft or informational-models that specifically do not have an interest in making money online. The best internet marketers know what business model they have and what drives that models online performance.  So please read this article now to learn what the KPI key performance indicators drive each of the four different online models that will help benefit you and your company.  I will review each business model in series of posts, otherwise, this article will be too long and hard to use.

Let’s take a quick look again at the four business models every online business falls under. It really doesn’t matter what business you are in on the internet, basically, they all fit perfectly into one of these 4 business models.

Google page ranking-4 models online

Here is a quick review since I already covered them in depth is a previous post.  There are the 4 types of business models online, including their short summary:

1. Online Commerce- Any website that sells products, services or information fits into this model.

2. Advertising- The basis for making money on advertising sites is the ability to sell electronic advertising in this model.

3. Lead Generation- The lead generation business presents information about a product or a service in the attempt to gather contact information from the visitor.

4. Customer Support- The customer support business model is typified by a website designed to help visitors answer questions and is integrated into one of the other models already discussed.

Here are the key performance indicators for online commerce.  Certainly e-commerce is the most prevalent type of business model online and where most of the money is made and spent and most are at the top of Google page ranking.

Google page ranking-Online Commerce

Since it is equally important to retain customers and acquire and convert new visitors, the online commerce model draws performance indicators from each phase of the customer life cycle.

Ratio of New to Returning Visitors. The ratio of new to returning visitors is a fast reference to describe the effect of your marketing mix on driving visits (Visitors – Visit Frequency).

Percent New Visitors. Because an online commerce model depends on a near-constant input of new visitors, monitoring the percentage of new visitors to your site is extremely important (Visitors – New Visitors).

Page “Stickiness”. For key landing pages on your website (home page, marketing response pages) you will want to ensure that visitors respond to marketing materials but get no further than the first page (Navigation – Entry Page, Exit Page).

Referring Domains. Keeping track of the top 10 or so websites that are sending you traffic will help determine whether online business partners are performing as expected (Referrers – Referring sites).

Search Keywords and Phrases. Keeping track of the top search engine words and phrases that are driving traffic to you will help you ensure that your featured product mix is one that inbound visitors are actually looking for (Referrers – Search Keywords, Pages Found on Keywords).

Percent of Visits Under 90 Seconds. Dramatic changes in this percentage can indicate either much better or much worse reach in your marketing campaigns. Both should be responded proactively (Pages – Page Stickiness).

Key Conversion Rates. Any and all key conversion rates, such as home to purchase, search to purchase, shopping cart and checkout completion should be monitored closely.

Average Order Value. Watching for significant movement in your average order value can identify changes in either your customer or available product mix, both of which should be responded to proactively. Also monitor AOV for new and returning customers (eCommerce – Average Order Size).

New and Repeat Customer Conversion Rates. Again, here you are watching for dramatic changes that may indicate changes in your customer base or product and marketing mix.

Sales per Visitor. A good point of comparing with your conversion rate to help you ensure that as your incoming traffic increases your site-wide conversion rate stays roughly the same (eCommerce – Revenue per Visit).

Percent Returning Visitors. Much like monitoring the percent of new visitors to the site, watching how the percent of returning visitors changes will help keep track of visitor retention (Visitors – Frequent Visitors).

Customer Retention Rate. Again, similar to keeping track of returning visitors, monitoring the percentage of returning customers is useful in determining how effectively you retain customers (Visitors – Frequent Visitors).

It is important to keep in mind that these performance indicators are only a subset of all available metrics. Your online business may have different specific reporting needs and you should work to include those indicators that are most useful to you.

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Example of a Google page rank first page # 1 ranking Google Page Ranking- Case Study On Affordable Mini Websites Done For You Introduction

Google Page Ranking- Case study introduction

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Google page ranking- what’s been done to date

Since that time, three articles have been entered to the blog, all are keyword driven with the domain name in the title.  Along with that, several articles have been written and submClick Here!itted to several article directories.  Also, I personally did a video and posted it to Youtube.

Google page rank- the initial plan

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Google page ranking- the goal

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Google page ranking- the final plan

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