Generating Leads For Local Maps SEO


Generating Leads For Local Maps SEO

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When you look back over your marketing campaigns for local business marketing, nothing will ever beat local maps seo.  The internet is becoming over saturated with internet companies on a global scale.  This makes local maps marketing a great avenue for the local business.

Research for local maps seo finds that over 33% of every local business plans to do some form of local marketing to generate leads for their business.  With that many local businesses looking to get help for online marketing, Google Places is obviously the right place to be… and right on top is the sweet spot for your local business.

Local maps seo- back to basics

Image for local maps marketing on GoogleWhen it comes to local maps seo and generating leads, there are essentially three components to the data collection:

  1. Web Analytics-  Using web analytics software, such as Google Analytics, Adobe/Omniture or Web trends, you can track online lead conversions, identify where online leads originate such as which search engine, online ad, social media, referring website, etc.  Also, you can track offline lead conversions such as phone calls, as well as gather useful lead traffic data: E.G.pages viewed, repeat visits and time on site.
  2. Phone Tracking- Nothing is more important to local maps seo and local maps marketing than tracking phone leads.  Call tracking solutions, such as Mongoose Metrics and others, are necessary to track offline conversions. These solutions record the source of any lead that chooses to call rather than complete a web form or purchase online.

To gather this data, the platform dynamically changes the phone number that appears on your website, based on the traffic source. Tracking phone numbers can also be assigned and integrated directly into offline campaigns (e.g. TV ads, radio spots, billboards, print ads, fliers etc.) to capture source information for leads that may never visit the website.

  1. Relationship Management- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, such as Salesforce and SugarCRM, allow marketing and sales professionals to organize and track lead communications, customer conversions and generated revenue.  Several CRMs also enable you to integrate web analytics and call tracking data associated with individual leads.

Local seo maps- calculate the value of a lead

Once you’ve collected a good sample of data, calculating lead value is a fairly straightforward process:

1. Create a report that includes all leads and associated revenue. Make sure the report includes leads that have not converted into customers.

2. Add all leads together = Total Leads.

3. Add all sales together = Total Revenue.

4. Divide total leads by total revenue = Lead Value.

5. Total Leads / Total Revenue = Lead Value

What do you do with this data:

This formula can be applied to your total lead volume, or used on a more specific category of leads (e.g. online marketing, online advertising, PPC campaigns, PPC keyword bids). The more detailed you can be with your data collection, the better equipped you’ll be to:

Allocate marketing budgets to campaigns that produce the most valuable leads.

Cut budgets on campaigns that don’t drive quality leads.

A/B test campaign updates to see if lead value improves.

Evaluate the ability of a lead nurturing campaign to improve lead value.

Improve sales performance by adjusting follow-up communications, messaging, and even an individual sales professional’s technique.

Now that you understand how important local maps seo is go to local maps marketing website to learn all the reasons why you must be on the top of Google Places to succeed locally.  Check out this website that gives you all the information you need and can help you get right to the top of Google Places  with an affordable budget you can’t say no too.


Adam Grant Wharton-Give And Take- The More Things Change The More They Remain The Same.


Adam Grant Wharton-Give And Take

Adam Grant and about his book.  This give and take concept and philosophy is not necessarily a shiny new philosophy.  Even so, everyone should embrace and turn this mentality into a new skill.  With any luck, it will take you to the top your mountain too!

The book Give And Take is a hot seller and its premise is the buzz of the business community.  According to Adam Grant, he coined this title by focusing on the common threads between effective networking, influence, negotiation, collaborating and leadership skills.

Adam Grant Wharton Bio

is also the youngest tenured professor at The Wharton School.  His successes are a true testimony to the effectiveness of his business, leadership and personal management style.

Twenty year s ago, “Managing” was the buss word of the day.  There was managing by the numbers, managing by objectives, managing ad nauseum.  Today, managing is a step child and precursor to the in buzz word and new mantra of leadership.

Now everything you read is all about leadership.  Leadership is all about sharing a common purpose, having a moral compass, rallying the team around a compelling vision and everyone singing from the same hymnal.  While leadership is still a critical role in the business world with successful companies and entrepreneur’s, the subject has lost its shine, its buzz and media’s attention.

That’s why Give and Take is a hot topic today.  Everyone is looking for that one shiny button to push, that scroll bar that guides them to success.  But, truth be told, it sounds to me like just a little more of the same old thing.

What about the law of reciprocity.  Isn’t that all about give and take?  I do something for you; you do something for me-or, what about abundant thinking versus a scarcity mentality.  Yesterday the media was hot on both of these subjects that talked about give and take that fostered effective networking, influence, negotiation, collaborating and leadership skills.

So you have a couple of choices.  Dust off the covers of your old books on reciprocity or abundance thinking, or buy into the new coined phrase “give and take”.  This new version may be just a little newer, just a little more shiny and maybe just a little more insightful from the research and knowledge of yesterday.

Here’s the real lesson of the day.  Review old strategies, do some research, put a new name on it and go get yourself published. You may have the next buzz topic in business if you do it right like Adam did.  Here’s a link to Amazon to buy his new book.

Adam Grant Wharton recommendation

For now, I recommend you picking up a copy of the new book-“Give and Take” and see how the author includes case studies and personal history suggesting the benefits of an mentality of  extreme giving in the office and work place. Many of the examples:

1 the selfless C.E.O.’s

2 the consultants who mentor ad nausea are an inspiration and very humbling, even if they are a bit intimidating.

According to Adam Scott, he claims-“it’s an opportunity to help people, and therefore it’s an opportunity to feel good about yourself and your work. “I never get much done when I frame the 300 e-mails as ‘answering e-mails,’ ” Grant told me. “I have to look at it as, How is this task going to benefit the recipient?” Where other people see hassle, he sees bargains, a little work for a lot of gain, including his own.

The message sounds terrific: Feel good about your work, and does more of it

Like I said in the title, the more things change the more they remain the same. But they always seem to get a little shinier, a little brighter and a lot more effective. And the task of great author is to make the old seem new and the new some old.  Give and Take has done that perfectly.  I recommend anyone buying this book to start your journey to the top of your success mountain.

Here is a link to his new book at Amazon:give and take


Social Media Strategies In Less Than Twenty Minutes A Day


Social Media Strategies In Less Than Twenty Minutes A Day

Social media strategies- the beginning

Build your social media strategies

Social Media Strategies In Less Than 20 Minutes

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Start building your social media strategies today and fine new ways to connect with your customers and your market.

Small business marketers tend to avoid social media or are reluctant to jump on the social media wagon.  While there are various reasons, the biggest reason was simple.  They did not believe in the value of social media when it came to collecting fans and followers.

Social media strategies– learn about the value of social media strategies

Today more than ever, that has changes and the value of social media has become obvious to small businesses and major brands everywhere.

So now that you understand the value of social media and the notion it is not going away, it’s time to connect with customers and drive new business.  At the same time, you need a simple straight forward strategy you can use and implement daily.  I will be the first to admit that keeping up with YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace can be more than overwhelming.  Here is a simple day to day strategy and technique for staying on top of social media marketing in less than 15 minutes a day.

Social Media Strategies #1.  Blogging (5 minutes)

Review the latest headlines of posts on the influential blogs in your industry. Setting up an RSS feed makes easy to see them all in one place. Read a few, and post comments on one or two (with your Twitter handle or website attached, if possible). This helps to make readers aware of your brand and builds your online network

Social Media Strategies #2.  Facebook/Myspace (5 minutes)

Spend the first few minutes minute scanning your company Facebook wall or MySpace account to answer any new posts, comments or questions from fans and customers. Next, post an update, add a new product photo, or link to a story about something relevant to your industry. Aim for one new Facebook and My Space post per day. If you’re short of ideas, look at current events. Need to drum up business during a particularly the summer months for example? Come up with a fun Facebook coupon code (such as HEATWAVE) for any customer who gets two friends to “like” your page that week.

Social Media Strategies #3.  Tweeting (4 minutes)

Do a quick search on trending news in your market niche. Find a few stories that might be of interest to your customers or market niche. Tweet one, and schedule a few others to be automatically sent from your Twitter account later in the day.

Social Media Strategies #4.  Pin It (2 minutes)

Find or upload several images that relate to your brand and “pin” them to your Pinterest boards. Don’t over think it. Did you recently witness a great example of customer service, like homemade cookies at the check-in desk of your hotel? Pin that photo under “Inspiration” or “Customer Service.”

Social Media Strategies #5.  Referrals (3 minutes)

Referral is often over looked and one of the best avenues for finding new customers.  Offer your customers special discounts or coupons for referring you to them.  Heck, just asking if there is anyone they know who might benefit from your products and services is enough to snag some new customers.

Social Media Strategies #6.   Give Some Gratitude (1 minute)

Did a customer rave about you on some social media channel?  If it was Twitter, Tweet back and say thank you. If it was in blog or forum, sign in and leave a thanks for the vote of confidence message.  The same goes for positive reviews on Yelp and other social media forums. Expressing gratitude humanizes your business and makes people want to be a part of your social circle. Take the time to thank customers personally and your business will grow.

When it comes to social media strategies don’t forget your regular blog posts.  Visit our web site internet skill and internet tools to explode your blogging efforts and use our ping you blog and RSS feed for just $5.00.  It’s a solid affordable strategy for getting found online and for getting top ranking in Google.

Social media skills are valuable for connecting with your customers and markets and building your small business online.

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Internet Marketing Tools For Advertising Sites- Their (KPI) Key Performance Indicators


Internet Marketing Tools For Advertising Sites- Their (KPI) Key Performance Indicators

Internet Marketing Tools

KPI- Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing tools for measuring online performance

As everyone knows by now, there are basically 4 different types of business models on the web.  In a previous post I reviewed the best internet marketing tools- KPI for e-commerce.  Now it’s time for the second online business model called advertising.  Review e-commerce interenet marketing tools KPY now.

When it comes to internet marketing tools, the best performing advertising models know what drives their online performance.  Read this article now to learn what the KPI key performance indicators and internet marketing tools used to drive advertising, to help benefit you and your company.

Internet Marketing Tools- quick glance

Let’s take a quick look again at the basics of internet marketing tools for the advertising businesses online:  Advertising- The basis for making money on advertising sites is the ability to sell electronic advertising in this model. models already discussed.

Internet Marketing Tools -advertising key performance indicators:

The advertising model for online businesses dictates that new visitors are acquired and that they view as many different pages and pieces of content as possible in order to generate advertising views for the website’s “customers”. The recommended performance indicators reflect this focus.

1. Internet marketing tools to consider- Overall Traffic Volumes. Because advertising views are so closely tied to page views it is worthwhile to keep track of changes in overall traffic volume to the website (Traffic – Brief Traffic Analysis).

2. Internet marketing tools a must know- Number of Visits. Similar to overall traffic volumes, watching for changes in the number of visits to the website can help predict whether more or fewer advertising views will be available (Traffic – Traffic Summary).

3. Internet marketing tools that are critical- Percent New Visitors. Because the advertising model depends on the near-constant input of new visitors, monitoring the percentage of new visitors to your site is extremely important (Visitors – New Visitors).

4. Internet marketing toosl- Percent Returning Visitors. Much like monitoring the percent of new visitors to the site, watching how the percent of returning visitors changes will help you keep track of visitor retention (Visitors -Frequent Visitors).

5. Internet marketing tools- Page “Stickiness“. For key landing pages on your website (home page, marketing response pages) you want to ensure that visitors are responding to your marketing materials but getting no further than the first page (Pages – Entry Page, Exit Page).

6. Internet marketing tools- Referring Domains. Keeping track of the top 10 or so websites that are sending you traffic will help determine whether online business partners are performing as expected (Referrers – Referring Sites).  Note: This concerns not only websites. Tracking organic traffic, i.e. brought by search engines is also important if not even more important. This traffic is free, so concentrate your optimization efforts on search engines that bring the most visitors (Referrers – Search Engines).

7. Internet marketing tools- Search Keywords and Phrases. Keeping track of the top search engine words and phrases that are driving traffic to you will help ensure that your content is what inbound visitors are actually looking for (Referrers – Search Keywords, Pages Found on Keywords).

8. Internet marketing tools- Percent of Visits Under 90 Seconds. Dramatic changes in this percentage can indicate either much better or much worse reach in your marketing campaigns. Either should be responded to proactively (Pages – Page Stickiness).

9. Internet marketing tools- Average Pages Viewed per Visitor. Knowing how many pages, and advertising views, you can expect the average visitor to see is helpful when selling advertising units. Monitoring for changes in this number is important to ensure advertising delivery (Pages – Views per Visit).

10. Internet marketing tools- Entry Pages and Content. Keeping track of the top 10 pages and content areas where visitors are most likely to begin their visit will help identify key pages in which the advertisers may be interested (Navigation – Entry Pages, Pages – Popular Pages).

11. Internet marketing tools- Average Time Spent on Site. Longer visits typically mean greater interest in content and more advertising views, so large changes in average time spent should be monitored (Navigation – Site Stickiness).

12. Internet marketing tools- Key Conversion Rates. Any conversion rate on your website that will lead to increased retention and loyalty should be monitored closely. Examples include newsletter sign-up, alert features and chat or newsgroup application sign-up.

13. Internet marketing tools- Activity of “Retained” Visitors. If you have the ability to determine the number of page views, visits, visitors and average time spent for returning visitors it is worthwhile to separate out that reporting to watch for changes in the activity of the retained audience.

These are the key performance indicators for the advertising model.  Review these internet marketing tools for advertising frequently and measure your results often.

If you are looking for affordable a variety of internet marketing tools for visit internet marketing tools now for a variety of afforbale internet marketing tools.


How To Make Money From Home Using Mirco Websites- Case Study Update

How to make money from home through Google Page Ranking

How to make money from home through Google page ranking

How to make money from home- the background

Back on the 1st of May 2012, I introduced the beginning of a case study I was launching.  The case study centered on me reviewing an Affiliate product I bought into.  The case study objective was to test the validity of their product offering, claims and performance.

How to make money from home- the affiliate products

That affiliate product that teaches you how to make money from home is called Bring The Fresh. I bought in to this product and learned the internet skills to develop my own online business.  I use their techniques everyday.  Buying this product, also gave me access to another product they sell call “Done For You”.  Back in April on the 25th, 2012 I bought this product and that same day they had me register the domain name, for the keyword phrase they wanted to get ranked on Google.  An exact match was not available, but the right keywords were required, so I got as close to the phrase “signs of aspergers” as possible.

It is now the 18th of June and here is the update for what are all calling “how to make money from home” case study.  In the first couple of weeks, they posted three articles to the blog and submitted several article to Unique Article Wizard for back links.  There was no page ranking movement for the following two weeks either.

Several weeks back I tested the market and found our site having a Google page ranking of 71.  One week later when I checked it again, it could not be found.  I notified the company and expressed my concern; patience is not my long suit, even when I know these things take time.  Typically, it takes 1400-2000 back links and conventional wisdom dictated no more than 25 a day so they are not considered black hat type of back links.

How to make money from home- current update

So here we are June 19, 2012 and I am now page ranked at 12.  That’s a huge jump in standings and I am only two off the first page of Google.  So let’s tell you all about the Bring The Fresh Done For you products.  Remember, you have to be a customer of their Bring The Fresh Products before you have the option to buy into the done for you sites, and remember, they are not always available.  They open up ten slots a week, every so often, so you have to act when they are available.

How to make money from home- a complete Done For You Blog in any niche you want

A custom website built by their team, in any industry you like, setup with plugins, a premium theme, original content, copywriting, backlinks, and GUARANTEED Page 1 ranking on Google. They will also add in adsense and affiliate code as well, so you can make money quickly.

How to make money from home– what the Bring The Fresh Team will do for you…

  • You tell their team an industry to target, (and an area if you want to target local results).
  • Their team will do the keyword research FOR YOU, and find a keyword that has high commercial value, at least 1,000+ exact match searches monthly, and a related product that you can sell through an affiliate program.
  • Create a great looking blog, centered around any keyword or niche you want.
  • They will install WordPress.
  • They will setup the theme.
  • They will configure all of the plugins.
  • They will categorize and tag everything properly.
  • They will write 3 original blog posts centered around your keyword of choice.
  • They will write a 4th “money post” – this is the post that will focus on getting you sales of whatever product you are promoting. All you need to do is add your affiliate link, or send it to the team and they will add it for you.
  • They will integrate Google Adsense into the site so that you can make money from ads showing on your site.
  • Your site will be built EXACTLY how they build sites for themselves.
  • All you would need to do after that is sell the site or enjoy the monthly income.

How to make money from home-your choices

If you’d like to sell the site, they will show you EXACTLY how to do it… they will even help you sell it for as much money as possible.

You can’t miss…it’s GUARANTEED!!!

How to make money from home- learn more now

Buy Bring The Fresh Affiliate product now and learn the internet skills you need to grow you online business or, get your site done free when this product becomes available.