Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/ Free Education Resources Online

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools- Awards Badge

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Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/

Free Education Resources Online

Welcome to the Top 50 Free Websites2011 Skills and Performance Tools, Published by Learn New Skills Blog- The #1 Trusted Resource For Skill Development Strategies: Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business: Including A Combination Of Free And Inexpensive Skills And Internet Performance Tools For Online Marketing.

Our company delivers more value on any product or service we deliver-Guaranteed.

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools

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We have two themes behind the top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools: 

1.  No Money?  No Problem!!! 

2.  Using skills and performance tools together is ike magic!!!

Learn more about this top 50 listing by scrolling to the bottom of this blog and read the Intro.  It all started in this posting and it will give you more insight to the listing and our storyline why we chose this list and employees and managers as our listeners.  See Universal World of Entrepreneuer’s for the full story.

Free education websites for 2011ranks to the top of our top 50 list and is the beginning of the top 50 listing.  The first 40 already published has brought in hundreds of positive comments.  It sounds like we hit this one out of the park.  We’re excited so many people have positive comments, and see these resource as something very useful.  That makes my efforts meaningful and rewarding.

There were two comments that stand out:  1 was from an internet marketer:“I charge for this and you’re giving it away for free.” That tells me the list is right on point. 2 “action requires knowledge, now I can get to work”.  Keep the positive comments, they are appreciated it.  Also, please share this list with your friends and colleagues.  They will appreciate it too.

We hope this list continues to bring insight and value to everyone who reviews it as a great resource tool for free skills and tools for personal improvement and internet marketing performance.

Top 10 Free Education Resources Online For 2011

When it comes to free education online, these top 10 free resources are the best of the best.  I think they top the other four categories as well.  Learning new skills is paramount to your future successes, personally and professionally.  We really believe that!!!

No tuition money? No problem!

There are many websites and top universities that offer free learning and training programs and courses right online. This list ranks the best of the free websites and online learning university courses available for people who want to enhance their personal knowledge or advance in their current fields.

From leadership training, project management, absolutely anything you want to learn, these 10 free websites can accommodate you.  Our candidates include top universities, online training programs, educational programs in every subject, and seamless educational websites that provide everything you could ever want in new skills, with a click of the mouse.

Universal World Of Entrepreneur's
Universal World Of Entrepreneur’s, Where Everyone Resides

Statistics tell our story and the facts don’t lie.  In the Universal World of Entrepreneur’s and Employees, where everyone of us resides, less than 5% of business owners and employees have all the skills
necessary to run or manage a successful business. On the other side of the same coin, that means 95% of employees and entrepreneurs need to enhance their knowledge and skill sets.  Everyone competes in this Galaxy no matter what their profession or business.  They include a cast of colleagues and
competitors we call Rising Stars, Fast Trackers, Exiting Talents and Wannabe’s.

There is no better place for managers and business owners to start honing those educational skills than right here.

Mind Tools # 1 Winner Overall Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools
Mind Tools # 1 Winner Overall Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools

# 1 Ranked Free Education Resource Online And Ranked 1 Out of 50 Aa the best of the best-Mind Tools

Why this website that competes with some of the top universities in the world, as well as other online educational websites.  “This website is about as
seamless and user friendly as they come!”

This website is also listed under entrepreneurs resources also, but makes the best of the best in education overall as our top pick.  This site provides a wide variety of essential skills for an excellent career.  It provides education for you if you are an entrepreneur as well.  Including training in:  Leadership Skills, Team
Management, Strategy Tools, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Project
Management, Time Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Creativity Tools, Information Skills, Career Skills.  This is the only website that gets an expose’ in two categories…my hats off to them.  Bravo!!!

# 2 Ranked Free Education Resource Online-The Open University

Open University creates and provides quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve their technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. By delivering over 750 different lessons to millions of people in over 200 countries and territories ABSOLUTELY FREE, is a worldwide leader in online education.  From arts and science to business and management programs, all for free.  Complete activities to assess your
progress and compare your thoughts with sample answers. 

# 3 Ranked Free Education Resource Online-Wikipedia

If you are conducting any kind of research, especially for finding out about websites, you will use this site for sure, just by default.  If you research a term or concept, this company typically comes to the top of the page with an answer.  Wikipedia (i/ˌwɪkɨˈpiːdiə as they pronounce it is a free web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.  Its 20 million articles (over 3.78 million in English) have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world. Almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site, and it has about 90,000 regularly active contributors. As of July 2011, there are editions of Wikipedia in 282 languages. It has become the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet ranking sixth globally among all websites on Alexa and having an estimated 365 million readers worldwide. It is estimated that Wikipedia receives 2.7 billion monthly page views from the
United States alone

# 4 Ranked Free Education Resource Online-

When it comes to home study courses, this site has the basics covered for employees looking to get on a fast track to learning new skills.  For the entrepreneur, learning
new skills is the hallmark of all great leaders.  They cover the basics for computers, careers, internet basics office suite and more.

# 5 Ranked Free Education Resource Online-Alison

Their claim is: they are the world’s leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills. Alison provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia
courseware for certification and standards-based learning.  All courses on this site are accessible for free to individual learners.  It is their belief that through Alison, the cost of access to high-quality education can be removed.  That’s what we’ve been talking
about in education.  No money, no problem, no excuse.  Learn new skills today.

 6 Ranked Free Education Resource Online- Tech Tutorials

Just as their name implies, this site offers thousands of free computer tutorials covering a wide range of computing topics such as: Photoshop, Linux, Windows 7, virtualization, computer hardware, programming, and much more. In fact, TechTutorials, covers nearly all aspects of computing.   They have a separate site completely dedicated to computer hardware tutorials as well.  If you are interested in computer certifications such those offered by Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, LPI, and others, you should start by reading their Introduction to Computer Certifications. Learn how to save a ton of money on certification books, practice tests, CBT training and other materials by reading Learn How To Get Certified… For Less!

7 Ranked Free Education Resource Online- Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon helps you discover interesting web pages, photos and videos recommended by friends and like-minded people.  There is a ton of information on
this site.  Why waste your time searching for what you are looking for in the vast internet when this site can save you a lot of time.  They help you find more information
related to your interests than you may not think to look for.

8 Ranked Free Education Resource Online-Kutztown University
of Pennsylvania

On-Demand Online Learning Programs.  This site offers over 90 Online Learning
Programs and adding new ones all the time. This is one of the largest collection of free on-demand entrepreneurial training resources available in the United States as part of their “Success Network”.  The benefits of the online courses to an entrepreneur, small business owner, or start-up business are: Learn from the start or brush up on business concepts.  Courses are available anytime. Watch videos, play, pause, and rewind.  Current content keeps you updated on business issues.  Access over 70 business courses, 24/7.

 # 9 Ranked Free Education Resource Online-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

MIT OpenCourseWare is supported through the generosity of people like you, who
believe that unlocking knowledge can empower minds.  While the educational information is free, they do request donations by credit card.  Find Courses in Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Management, Science, Other Programs, as well as Cross-Disciplinary Courses, Supplemental Resources.

10 Ranked Free Education Resource Online- creatingminds

Welcome to the world of CreatingMinds.   This is a simple and easy website with a
primary goal that provides you with real and useful principles, tools, articles
and quotes about all matters around being creative and using creativity. Being
creative is a great skill set and one that everyone should learn to enhance.

When you talk about great  thinking, you can’t be a great thinker without being creative.  Thinking is a two dimensional skill set.  These are two skills critical to enhance your
value proposition.  You can learn more about thinking and creativity at http://www;

 Top 10 reasons to use free education resources online:

1.    Top free education resources online-you want to continue learning and growing

2.    Top free education resources online- you need to shore up some skills to perform better

3.    Top free education resources online- you want to be a rising star or fast tracker

4.    Top free education resources online-you understand the value of education

5.    Top free education resources online- you want to increase you personal value proposition

6.    Top free education resources online-your tired of others getting the good jobs

7.    Top free education resources online-you want to be the next one promoted

8.    Top free education resources online- you have a passion for learning

9.    Top free education resources online- you want to enhance your core disciplines and skill sets

10.    Top free education resources online- great leaders lead by example and continued learning is what great leaders do

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This top 50 best free webstes 2011 skills and perfromance tools is brough to you by Learn New Skills Blog.  Tell a friend about us.


Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/ Top 10 Free Internet Marketing Resources

Awards Badge Top 50 Free Wesbites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools

Awards Badge Top 50 Free Wesbites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/  Free Internet Marketing Resources

Free Internet Marketing Resources–  Overview

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate, than by doubling your traffic.” Jeff Eisenberg

Some say- internet marketing is all about content, I say internet marketing today is all about relationships.  Why the shift, why the change?

We don’t have any quick fixes, shiny gadgets, buttons or the newest gigs that bring
instant riches, like some products and websites claim.  Our strategies for your personal growth and development, and your future successes are grounded in you having the right knowledge, skill sets and performance tools so you can do the right things-
right.  Hopefully if you do, you will ultimately live a fuller, richer life with the life style you desire.

When it comes to internet marketing, I’m no genius. It probably took me longer to get my arms around the learning curve than most.  Even now I struggle between the
concept of marketing and the internet. For me the difference is clear. While I’m no techie, marketing today is the internet, even if you are an  offline business model.

I now have several successful businesses online selling consumable products and
information products.  My conclusion after fours years is, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.  But for me, it’s a life long journey, a hobby and a passion.  If this top 50 free skills and performance tools shortens your learning curve, than I have
accomplished my goal to share and educate you.

If you are a small business offline, it’s time recapture the web’s business-expanding
potential with these free resources for internet marketing.  If you are already embracing online marketing, maybe it’s time to grow to the next level. If you are new to online marketing, statistics show that right now over 65% of all consumers look to the web first for local business.  So, offline or online marketing, the internet is a great tool to grow and expand your business.

Free Internet Marketing Resource- The Value

As more businesses realize the importance of a competitive online presence,
corporations large and small, start-ups, government organizations, and
non-profits alike are seeking high level skills and performance tools for
online marketing, to increase online visibility.

Internet Marketing is all about increasing online exposure, attracting new customers and
converting customers online and offline through contents: by attracting customers, educating your prospects by helping them and hopefully converting prospects to customers so a business can increase revenue and profits.

Here is the best of the best free websites and free marketing resources online.

Wordpress Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills ANd Perfromance Tools
WordPress Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills ANd Perfromance Tools

# 1 Ranked Free Internet Marketing Resources Online And Ranked 11 Out of 50-. WordPress Blogging

Using WordPress blogs are very beneficial because they are extremely SEO friendly and
the really good news is-search engines really like and favor them. To me, blogs are like aspirin.  If the drug companies
would have known how beneficial it is, they would keep them prescription so they can charge more for them.  Blogs are just like aspirin-and that they could be the best free internet strategy for the non tech IM Professionals.  I don’t want to mislead you here.  They are equal to websites, and websites are very important.  Websites are a lot more complicated to get right and keep right, and SEO is no simple task either.  This is one of the easiest ways to create profitable websites and adding helpful “plug-ins” makes them even more useful. You can use WordPress blog as a stand alone website with its own domain name or in combination with a regular website; make sure to have them keyword related.  Then post away, add keyword links, images and videos to your posts and just keep doing it. There are plenty of free Plugins and they are great performance tools for internet marketing.

# 12 Free Internet Marketing Resources Online- Free Web Submission

They provide free  manual and auto submission to the highest rated, free Internet Search Engines  and Directories. This is a one stop submission service to get your website  listed in all the internet search engines and directories.  They are listed and ranked according to  popularity. Rankings are determined by and and are updated  regularly.   You need for search engines to find you before customers can find you easily.

# 13 Ranked Free Internet  Marketing Resources Online- Search Engines/Keyword Tools.

Shows list of related search counts and advertiser competition.  Everyone marketing
online uses this tool frequently.  It’s the first place to see if there is traffic for the keyword, name or phrase you chose for your business or new products.  It gives you monthly search results and global results for how many websites contain that keyword search.  Very valuable tool..

# 14 Free Internet Marketing Resource Online-  Google Analytics

Once you get the traffic, you are only half way there.  Next you need to know what that traffic is doing once it gets to your site, and that is the key.  I use this program to make my online pages perform better and bring in more sales. Skills and performance tools is
everything on the web.  I find Analytics good for fine-tuning my “buy now pages” on all my sites, and just as important, I use it to increase the conversion rate of my traffic.  This has made all the difference in the world in developing my online business.

# 15 Free Internet Marketing Resource Online-YouTube Videos

The numbers are out.  35% is the actual percentage of all searches being conducted in the market today, are actually coming from videos.   Videos are the future of marketing on the web, so using YouTube videos to promote your site or product is a no-brainer.  Videos are another key to SEO tanking.  Here’s why: the reason is mainly because Google will place a popular video on their first page listings, almost instantly.  Some webmasters suggest you shouldn’t use YouTube videos because it will draw traffic away from your site, but I find it’s a fair trade off for the ranking and SEO support it
provides.  Three steps to video marketing:

  1. I always create a video as one of my first steps in an online
  2. I launch the videos on an RSS feed
  3. I submit the feed to all social media sites.

# 16 Free Online Internet Marketing Resources Online StartupInternetMarketing

Startup Business Tools, Tips, Strategies and Services.  Learn how to start and grow your internet business successfully.  Whether you are presently running your own
business or just planning to start one. Their collection of internet marketing resources will save you time and money!  Dan Porteous delivers a lot of content here.  They are committed to providing startup business with the cutting-edge marketing tools and tactics needed to keep abreast of the ongoing changes within this ever-changing industry.   Start by bookmarking this page and be sure to come back often!

# 17 Free Internet Marketing Resources Online- Alexa

If you are researching competitive keywords, this is a great tool for finding the
links your competitors have on their web. This really makes this a valuable tool, surprisingly, along with sites like Compete, Alexa, this is one of my most valuable information gathering tools.  It may not be completely on point, but it will give you enough relative information you can use to further your marketing goals.

# 18 Free Internet Marketing Resources Online- Ezine Artilces

It’s still about content.  Sure it’s more about relationships, but content is king for finding customers and building relationships.  Provide high valued articles and people will find them and read them.  Article marketing is still my most effective marketing tool on the web, maybe because I used this approach right from the beginning.  I find using sites like free submission sites and directories vital to a complete online promotion.  I know using articles is considered “old school” but this method still works, especially using unique articles with good solid content.

# 19 Free Internet Marketing Resources Online-Animoto

You have to be able to produce videos easily and effectively for you video SEO marketing campaigns.  This free site lets you create stunning video slides.  All you do is create a Power Point Presentation or whatever software you use, save them as jpegs and upload them to Animoto.  You pick the slide theme and the music.  All free videos are 30 seconds, just enough time to get a pointed message of keywords delivered for
Google ranking on videos.  Then, upload them to your YouTube account and…it’s like magic.

# 20 Ranked Free Internet Marketing Resources Online-Internet Resources

This is a pretty comprehensive site.  Here is what I use it for primarily.  This is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds.  No better or quicker way to get your blog, website or video out there than through an RSS Feed.  All you need to do is go to, enter your url and they provide the RSS feed for free.  Along with that, you can also check many of the webs analytical tools for SEO right on their site like your page rank, keyword density, back links to your site.  Critical tools for effective SEO all in one place for free.

Top 10 reasons to use free internet marketing resources online:

  1. Free internet marketing resources online:  all sites are all certified and trusted
  2. Free internet marketing resources online all sites are free-
  3. Free internet marketing resources online all sites have high level skill training
  4. Free internet marketing resources online:  all sites have high performance tools for online marketing
  5. Free internet marketing resources onlineall sites are authorities
  6. Free internet marketing resources online:  all sites are unique and original
  7. Free internet marketing resources onlinethese sites deliver high performance internet tools
  8. Free internet marketing resources onlineall sites are useful everyday

  9. Free internet marketing resources onlineall sites will take your online business to the next level
  10. Free internet marketing resources onlineall sites are truly winners as part
    of the top 50 Free Websites 2011

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Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/Top 10 Free Social Media Resources

Awards Badge Top Best 50 Free Wesbites

Awards Badge Top Best 50 Free Wesbites

Top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools

Top 10 Free Social Media Resources Online For 2011

“Social media isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it offers marketers unparalleled
opportunity to participate in relevant ways.  It also provides a launch pad for other
marketing tactics.  Social media is not an island.  It’s a high-power engine on a
larger marketing ship.” – Matt Dickman,

 Everyone is familiar with the hottest social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to
mention two, so you won’t find them listed here.  Our social media list focuses on managing and driving social media.  We include sites for monitoring, trends and analytics, knowledge and managing your social media experience and for the many activities involved with social media.  Our list is all about measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

Social Media-defined-

The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn
communication into an interactive dialogue. With today’s economic conditions, it
is not enough anymore for businesses to have just an email address or customer
service number on its website.  Customers want to engage with companies in new and authentic ways, and thanks to social media, now they can. From Facebook to Twitter, businesses that embrace social media are finding their new transparency rewarded with new and deeper client relationships.

Free Social Media Resources

Social bookmarking has become very important for getting targeted traffic and for
getting higher rankings. You simply must have an easy way for your visitors to
bookmark your content in all the social networking sites. The more social
bookmarks your content has in these networks, the higher they will rank in the
search engines, not to mention all that traffic.

When it comes to social media, blogging out trumps them all, and while the great debate over websites and blogs as the best tool for internet marketing continues, I cast my vote for blogging-hands down!   Because of this, I have skewed the social media category towards blogging and blogging posts and have balanced out the winners between skills and tools, with the right skills edging out tools.  The right skills with the right tools for  blogging is again…like magic.

Here are the top 10 free Social Media Resources for 2011.


Social Media Resources-Copyblogger
Social Media Resources-Copyblogger

# 1 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online And Ranked 21 Out of 50-  

Online Marketing Solutions for WordPress That Work.  With all the social media sites out there, why start here?  When it comes
to social media, blogging stands out as one of the premier ways to both connect with your customers as well as helping you rank with search engines with your contents and keywords.  .  Copyblogger is all about blogging.  They have a free 20 part internet course available as well as resources in the areas of internet marketing, copywriting, content marketing and more of the essential skills you need if you area marketing online.    Brian Clark is the best of the best when it comes to social media content and great sales copy.   His simple and straightforward language is designed to focus on the needs of the reader, listener, or viewer. Want more traffic, links, subscribers, and a profit-generating website?  Copyblogger gives you the solutions you need to succeed. His skills out trump all the other tools and skills available to you in this category

# 22 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-   Technorati

Technorati is the largest blog monitoring service. Once you register your blog on Technorati, ittracks any blogs that reference your posts. To sign up for alerts, just search for your blog, then subscribe to the RSS feed.  This is a great site to learn how your content spreads in the blog world.

# 23 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-Addictomatic

Addictomatic allows you to create a personalized tracking page and pulls
content from all over the Internet including, but not limited to Google, Yahoo,
Technorati, YouTube, Truveo, Flickr, Blinkx, Ice Rocket, Digg, Topix, Newsvine
and Tweetscan. Addictomatic is incredibly easy to use:  Just enter a keyword to track, modify the boxes by adding or subtracting places you want content pulled from and bookmark it and check back later.

# 24 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-Web2express Monitoring

Web2express describes what it does best: “Web2express Digest uses open
semantic and NLP tools to analyze millions of Twitter conversations and blogs.
It auto-discovers trending topics from fresh Web content and enables you to
view new Web conversations around topics, enabling efficient monitoring of
products, brands, companies, or competitors in real time.”  Sign up, set up what keywords you want to track and see results immediately.

# 25 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online- Twazzup

Enter a keyword and Twazzup creates a dashboard tracking that keyword on Twitter.  It breaks down and categorizes by link popularity, contributors, news, tag clouds and users, along with and including photos.  It also shows who said what, how
many times something was said, and how influential the people saying it are.

# 26 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-Addthis Social Bookmark Button

Social bookmarking has become very important for getting targeted traffic and for
getting higher rankings. You simply must have an easy way for your visitors to
bookmark your content in all the social networking sites.  If you are going to be in social media, Addthis button is extremely useful for this purpose. The more social bookmarks your content has in these networks, the higher they will rank in the search engines,
not to mention all that traffic.

# 27 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-Social Mention

Here is how to find blogs related to your business.  Social Media Alerts is like Google Alerts but for social media.  Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity. Social Mention allows you to choose which platform you want to search a keyword across. You can choose among blogs, microblogs, images, events, news, videos, audio and more. You can choose a category individually or search across all of
them.  Social Mention includes a vast amount of statistics about the search in addition to actual search results.

#28 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-BoardTracker  

Want to know what people are talking about?  Identify trends and track competitors to stay ahead of the game.  Measure effectiveness of your marketing and social media campaigns over time.  Discover the influencers, monitor and protect your brand and reputation, find and engage your customers and critics.

# 29 Ranked Free Social Media Resources Online-  Top
Rank Blog

Top Rank Blog is all about social media marketing.  Prior to December
2003, Top Rank’s Online Marketing Blog provides insight, resources and
commentary on a variety of digital marketing and public relations topics
including: search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, business
blogging and marketing, and online public relations.

# 30 Free Social Media Resources Online-   Ping is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!   Think about it.  If you spend your time in social media, you’re tweeting, posting, and writing in Facebook…etc.  You are logging in and out more than you are connecting.  This is a one source site that lets you connect to all your social media accounts with one click.

Top 10 reasons to use our top 10 Free Social Media Resources Online:

  1. Free Social Media Resources Online-no better way to stay connected
  2. Free Social Media Resources Online: proven as effective SEO
  3. Free Social Media Resources Online: great marketing tools
  4.  Free Social Media Resources Online: great for sharing websites
  5. Free Social Media Resources Online: measuring your effectiveness for marketing
  6. Free Social Media Resources Online: great way to announce promotions
  7. Free Social Media Resources Online: tracking trends
  8. Free Social Media Resources Online: attract new customers
  9. Free Social Media  Resources Online: generate more sales
  10. Free Social Media Resources Online: grow your email leads

Want to learn how to master blogging and WordPress?  Visit our website for a great saving and two bundled info products in one low price at:

Top 50 best free websites 2011 published by learn new skills blog.


Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/Top 10 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online

Awards Badge Top 50 Free Wesbites 2011Skills And Performance Tools/Top 10 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online

Awards Badge Top 50 Free Wesbites 2011Skills And Performance Tools/Top 10 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/ Top 10 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online

Continuing with our count down to the top 50 list.

Let’s start with a quote that pretty much sums up the world of  entrepreneur’s.  I’ve been using this anonymous quote since the first day I saw it over 20 years ago.

“Entrepreneurs live the first half of their lives like most people won’t, so they can live the second half of their lives like most people can’t.” 

Free entrepreneur resources- a little about the publisher

As an entrepreneur and leader, I always lead by example.  I feel fortunate to have learned later in life the value of education.  I don’t bring this up to brag but to show you a passion for learning skills.  I went through The Wharton Program Executive
Education and a Harvard Program on New Business Development- where I earned what they called Sheep Skins.

In my last three years of my employment agreement on my buy out, besides implementing a new learning initiative, I completely retooled my own core disciplines and skill sets.  I hold these Masters Certificates: Master Black Belt Six Sigma, Masters in Human Resource Development and Masters in Strategic Organizational Leadership- all from Villanova University.

I have to admit, I’ve pretty much failed at retirement.  One has to have a sense of purpose and meaning and golfing, boating and fishing didn’t quite do it for me.  I’ve since launched several new online businesses, and the one I launched in 2008 is currently selling products nationally and in over 27 countries, with over 175 sales consultants and affiliates.

Now let’s dig into the world entrepreneurs.  Most entrepreneurs, especially young
entrepreneurs and small businesses are strapped for cash.  We call that the Catch 22.  They have no cash and few resources, yet they are looking for all the same products and services that big companies use.

It is important to look professional yet also squeeze every penny when starting out, in order to be effective and successful.  As an Entrepreneur, you need to:

  1. acquire knowledge and learn new skills
  2. use high level performance tools to become effective
  3. have access to internet tools for online marketing

These 3 components will allow you to grow either an online or offline business.

Here are the best top 10 free entrepreneur resources online for 2011.  These free resources are known to be trusted authority sites. They will help you with the startup days of your venture and help you grow and manage your business to the next level. This is the second category to the top 50 count down, published
in reverse order.  this group starts at # 31 of 40 with # 1 winner in free entrepreneur resources online.

# 1 Winnner Top 50 Free Websites 2001/Top 10 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online
# 1 Winnner Top 50 Free Websites 2001/Top 10 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online

# 1 Ranked Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011 And Ranked 31 Out of 50- Mint

For entrepreneurs, it’s all about cash flow, cash, or lack of it.  No matter what your situation, when it comes to money, cash is king, and this is one of the best free ways to manage your money.  Mint brings all your financial
accounts together online or on your mobile device, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets and helps you achieve your savings goals.   What you need, when you need it.  Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Set a budget, track your goals and do more with your money, for free!   That’s what smart, prudent, successful business owners do.

# 32 Ranked Free Entrepreneur Resources  Online For 2011 – SBA Small Business

If you are thinking of starting up, then start  here.  When it comes to training
and support for new entrepreneurs and small business owners, you can’t beat
this site.  They have tons of free  information on this site to train and coach you along the way.  They even provide coaching and mentoring  programs as well.  You can’t beat the SBA  when it comes to free and entrepreneurs.  Don’t forget them for small business loans either.

# 33 Free Entrepreneur Resources  Online For 2011-EVERNOTE

Talk about a high level performance tools…this is  some free site with a mobile application to boot.  I use it to make electronic saved notes for  everything.  Know what that means? Now  you can save your ideas,  things you like, things you hear, and things you see right on your phone or  laptop.  Evernote works with nearly every  computer, phone and mobile device out there.  Find things fast with keyword searches is a great feature.  Here are a few of the ways I use it.  I keep all my notes on any subject and
project online.  No worries about losing  them with hard disk crashes or backups. Back-up is automatic.  I typically access it from my smart phone  where I keep my notes with me.  I keep all my online order confirmations in  Evernote, and I always have a record of everything I purchase  online with the help of Evernote.   You  will love this performance tool.

# 34 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online  For 2011-Mail Chimp

You can’t be in business today without e-mail.  MailChimp helps you design email newsletters,  share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and  track your results.  It’s like your own  personal publishing platform.  Their
Forever Plan is free and will accommodate you until you reach scale.

# 35 Free Entrepreneur Resources  Online For 2011-Google Alerts 

Want to know if others are talking about you or your  company, or do you want to keep your ears to the floor on special topics that  could impact your business?  ThenGoogle
Alerts is for you.  Its service is content  change detection and notification, offered by the search engine company Google,  that automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video  and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by the user and  stored by the Google Alerts service.. One of the keys to success is to research  and monitor everything! Alerts is a great service to track when a keyword is  mentioned online. Set them up for your name and your business. You can also set  it up for industry words to track news and updates in your field. You want to
know when someone mentions your company so you can respond accordingly and this
service delivers that notice right to your inbox.

#36 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online  For 2011–

Business ideas and trends  from Entrepreneur Magazine. This site provides the latest news, expert advice,  and growth strategies for small business owners.  Learn how to
write a business plan for success, or find hundreds of full or part time  business ideas.  You can even find  franchise opportunities and small business franchises, as well as learn  everything you need to know on starting a small business…FREE.

# 37 Free Entrepreneur Resources  Online For 2011-  The 500 Group.Com

OK, this one I have to come clean on.  This is my new business development site for
entrepreneurs and inventors.  But it is  loaded with free information on growth strategies, and core disciplines for  small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs.
It also includes great insight in the areas of the lost art: marketing,  licensing, finance and entrepreneuring.  This site has one of the best dictionaries for basic marketing terms and  venture capital terms online.  Hey, it’s  free and extremely useful.

# 38 Free Entrepreneur Resources  Online For 2011  –Survey Monkey ( 

Market Research Surveys Made Easy.  All of the Fortune 100 use SurveyMonkey, and
hundreds of thousands of individuals use our market research surveys before launching
a new company, product, or service, or before introducing new pricing.  Want to know what your customers really want  and need?  Just ask them and survey
them.    This is an awesome free site for you.  If you think about this tool, put a little creative  juices behind it, it could be a great resource for you in creating new products
and services.

# 39 Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011-Mindtools

This website touts essential  skills for an excellent career.  It goes
way further than that if you are an entrepreneur.  This website is seamless.  Click on any of their skills and your  information is right there for you.  From  Leadership Skills, Team Management,  Strategy Tools,  Problem Solving,  Decision Making,  Project Management,  Time Management,  Stress Management, Communication Skills, Creativity  Tools, Information Skills, Career Skills.  I call these high level skill sets.
This is a phenomenal site and gets a high rating in another category as  well.  This is the only website that gets  an expose’ in two categories…my hats off to them.  Enough

 # 40 Free Entrepreneur Resources  Online For 2011- U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office (

Want to know what a patent is? A patent is an  intellectual property right granted by the Government of the United States of  America to an inventor.   Then there are rademarks.  Trademark Office of the USPTO handles trademarks only.  Any startup company needs to be familiar with  this sight for preliminary checks on trademarks and patents.  Always seek professional help but these are  great screening tools if you are familiar with how they work. I always use this  tool for checking product names to make sure some other genius isn’t already  using what I just came up with.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Top 10 Free Entrepreneur  Resources Online For 2011:

  1. 1.  Use Free  Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  the more you learn, the more you know.  The more you know, the better you perform.
  2. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  learning where to look is half the battle and  we solved that problem.
  3. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  they’re totally FREE
  4. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  your competition will use them.
  5. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  great entrepreneur’s are great leaders and  great leaders are always learning and just love free resources.
  6. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  to grow your business to the next level.
  7. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011: to grow  personally and professionally.
  8. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:  to launch a new business.
  9. Use Free Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011: to learn all  about being an entrepreneur, a top performing one at that.
  10. Use Free  Entrepreneur Resources Online For 2011:

    everything relating to business and free resources.

Brought to you by top 50 best free websites 2011 skills and performance tools




Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools/Top Ten Free Publicity Websites by Learn New Skills Blog

Awards Badge Top 50 Free Wesbites 2011 Skills And Perfromance Tools

Awards Badge Top 50 Free Wesbites 2011 Skills And Perfromance Tools

Top 50 Best Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools 2001 Announces The Top 10 Free Publicity Websites

So here, are the ranking for free publicity online. They represent the most useful
free marketing performance tools in the category of free publicity online for 2011.  They are the office start to the top 50 count down.  The top 50 list will be published
in reverse order starting with # 41 of 50 and # 1 winner in free publicity resources online.

When it comes to free publicity online, advertising is a must for your business in
order to increase traffic online or offline. This is particularly true when you’re just starting a business.

Simply stated, entrepreneurs need free publicity to get the word out about their start
up or existing company.  Make sure you use all 10 of these free publicity resources online to generate major buzz around your company without spending a dime.

Here the top 10 free publicity websites that will promote your business for FREE, and others will let  you place ads FREE! 

#1 Winner Ranked Free Publlicity Online 2011

#1 Winner Ranked Free Publlicity Online 2011


# 1 Ranked Free Publicity Websites And Ranked 41 Out of 50-

PR Log is an online press
release distribution and press release submission service.  When you market a new business or product, this is a must step in the beginning of any marketing campaign.  This invaluable free publicity online tool and combination SEO tool stands out as number 1 for marketing your business and launching new products and services. I use this extensively, because press releases go a long way begin to rank you with search
engines, helps get you found easier online by your target listeners as well as ranked
in your keywords. Very helpful.

# 42 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- Wooden Horse

Here is a real sleeper!!!  They may have won number 1 if it wasn’t for the small service fee they charge (like $1 a day-enough time to do what you need).  This is the only site that actually charges- out of all 50 FREE sites I included.  Here’s why.   For less than a cup of coffee, (that’s why they are listed) you have access to publishers contact information for all the top consumer magazines, such as addresses, phone numbers, editor-in-chief and managing editor, website URL, email addresses, circulation, frequency. I used this program to launch our Yum Drops Flavoring business by locating target publications.  I sent them samples and a press release.  We got lucky and ended up in Better Homes & Garden as a feature story in their May special Edition 2010.  Nothing can jump start a new business like free media coverage. It makes all the difference in the world.   Using this site is a must for new businesses and or new product offerings.

# 43 Ranked Free Publicity Websites-  Squidoo

Their mission is to run an open, free platform that gives people a simple way to organize their interests online.  This company lets you submit your startup website link on their website.  Using a short simple description is all they need.  Then each week one startup will be chosen and featured on a widely read blog.

# 44 Ranked Free Publicity Websites-.

This is a blog that helps online startups navigate through emerging technologies and marketing opportunities to succeed. Just fill out their form with necessary
information about your new venture.   They will only review your site if you
provide adequate information and they only pick sites that are actually
providing a service and adding value to the visitors. If you provide them with quality good information, you will have a good review

# 45 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- KillerStartups

This is a user driven internet startups community. Entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers stay informed on up-and-coming internet startups using this blog platform,
where internet entrepreneurs submit their startup to see what others think about it.  This is a great way to find out what your market is thinking about what you’ve created.  Great

# 46 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- Free Ad Forum

Place your ad free on this website.  They include over 140 classified ad sites and marketing forum monitored-high traffic sites..  You can submit as many free ads
as you wish.  Submitting ads on their site lets your ads be SEO friendly and keyword driven.  You can include pictures, prices, as many ads as you wish, links back to your site, contact info, even videos.

# 47 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- Craigslist

Craigslist is an awesome website that allows anyone to network, find social groups, find
jobs, volunteer and intern opportunities.  They also provide, freelance temporary or permanent work which is great for entrepreneurs to make some extra cash and launch a freelance business.  Employees can also post their resume.  They include a personals section as well like an ongoing classifieds/ community resource center. It is updated daily by everyday people

# 48 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- E-bay

Whether you are brand new to E-Bay, or just want to take your sales to another level, E-bay will get you on the right track to success.  There are two areas of support they provide for entrepreneurs’:  How to Sell and How to Increase Sales.

# 49 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- Pitch Rate

Connecting you to the media for free, this unknown website has some great ways to promote you and your business.  Pitch Rate gives you – the AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR, SMALL BUSINESS OWNER or EXPERT – free and
instant access to the media, by making it easy for you to connect with
journalists in need of your expertise.  Pitch Rate helps you land the kind of media coverage that boosts your exposure and catapults you and your business to the next level!  That’s why this less familiar website has made the top, ten when it comes to free publicity for you.

# 50 Ranked Free Publicity Websites- Free Ad Depot

All over the internet people are struggling because there are not enough good
places to advertise. Finally someone had the good sense to solve the confusion
with.  This website offers: Free Featured Links, Free Classy Style Ads, Free Banner Ads, Free Exit Pop Ads, Free Text Ads, Free Contact Mailings, Plus Multiple Ways to Earn a Living Online!

It doesn’t get any better than these 10 websites for free publicity online…

While these websites are free, hands down, they still deliver incredible value when
it comes to the top free online resources for free publicity.  These are truly high level performance tools and when you master the skills behind these tools, they truly become magical.

Top 10 reasons to use the top 10 Free Publicity Websites and free online resources:

  1. Free publicity websites-you’re kidding right?
  2. Free publicity websites- they are all FREE
  3. Free publicity websites-they can put you on the map
  4. Free publicity websites- easier for customers to find you
  5. Free publicity websites- free publicity is worth $$$
  6. Free publicity websites- is a no brainer
  7. Free publicity websites- it’s what every business wishes for
  8. Free publicity websites-they are right at your finger tips
  9. Free publicity websites-how could you not use them
  10. Free publicity websites– use them now…they are all free

Top 50 best free websites 2011

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