New Skills-Influence And Persuasion: Three Golden Keys And More- 2nd Post

New Skills- 3 Golden Keys to Influence and Persuasion

New Skills- 3 Golden Keys to Influence and Persuasion

New Skills-Influence And Persuasion:  Three Golden Keys And More

New skills- Influence and persuasion an important skill set part 2

In our first post, we mentioned how important it is to learn new skills like influence and persuasion.  We also laid the groundwork and basics for the subject of influence and persuasion.  To keep that post length a little shorter, we broke it into 2 parts.

In this post we will show you the:

  • 3 golden keys to influence and persuasion
  • Modern techniques that makes you effective
  • The insight to the performance tools Presentation Master you can use In my first attempt at trying to sell a product

New skillsInfluence and persuasion a quick review: what’s the difference again?

The American Heritage Dictionary defines manipulation: “Shrewd or devious management, especially for one’s own advantage”.  This is most fitting when discussing the difference between influence and persuasion compared to manipulation.   There is no way we can leave this difference out of the article.

With influence and persuasion, it’s all about the opportunity for two people to come together on an opinion that is mutually beneficial. No one wins if someone loses and manipulation or hard selling tactics is not effective long term. In order for you to be successful long term with selling your thoughts and ideas, it has to be a win-win.

New skills- influence and persuasion the 3 golden keys:

  1. The emotional connection
  2. Trust
  3. Listeners point of view

New skills- Influence and persuasion the emotional connection is the 1st key

Do you have trouble getting your thoughts or ideas across? When you speak, do others listen to you, or do you feel your listener wandering?

Effective influence and persuasion is basic communications for “convincing” others.  This new skill is essential in business and everyday life. According to Bert Decker’s book: “You Have To Be Believed To Be Heard”, the most powerful communications reaches not only the mind but also the heart. I highly recommend this book for persuading and influencing others.

Influence and persuasion- trust is the 2nd key

It comes down to a simple question. Who will they trust?  At the end of the day, it always comes down to trust.  Do you trust them, or not?  Do you believe what they are saying, or not?  Is this person credible, or not?

Trust is so valuable that we spend our entire lives building trust and credibility, and rightfully so.  The more effective we are in doing that, the more successful you will be when it comes to influence and persuasion.

Influence and persuasion- listener’s point of view is the 3nd key

OK listeners, listen up!!!.  This is 2012, hardly a new year by now.  Get this right and you will have a happy new year.  The “listeners’ point of view is the foundation, cornerstone and starting point for influence and persuasion.   When you get this right and have the other two keys in place…it’s like presto.  Being effective at influence and persuasion opens the golden treasures to being more successful, more productive and more valuable….and more influential.  You are what we call- a person of influence.

In the next generation of influence and persuasion, it’s not really about you.  No one cares that you have a great idea.  Nobody is really interested in the products you sell.  When you get the right perspective on how to influence and persuade, you will be more effective and more successful at it.

You must know and understand your listener.  When you start off with “I have this great (product or idea or whatever the situation) I know you will like”, you just triggered the self preservation mechanism I discussed in the first post.  If your listener hasn’t already said no, he is already thinking no.

New skills- influence and persuasion is all about knowing your listener

In business you need to identify what they call the pain, or problem area:  When you know your listener, you know what:

  • Keeps them from falling asleep?
  • They are they really concerned about?
  • Frustrates them?
  • They are angry about and who are they angry with?
  • What they have to do and must do in their business to succeed or to grow it to the next level

In your personal lives, you identify the pleaser:  When you know your listener, you know what:

  • They truly desire most?
  • Excites your listener?
  • Appeals to them being happy?

New skills-influence and persuasion answering the two most important questions

Since influence and persuasion is used in both our everyday lives and in business, I will give you approaches to both perspectives.  When you can identify the top two pains of your listener, you are ready to start your presentation for the business perspective.  When you can identify the top two pleasers for your listener, you are ready to start your presentation for the personal perspective.

A quick comment on presentations.  A presentation is how you get others to understand and accept your ideas. In simple terms, it has an

  • Opening- with the listener’s point of view
  • Body- what you are trying to get others to understand or accept your ideas on
  • Benefits- why this solves the pain or pleaser
  • Answers to objections- why the benefits solve the issues
  • Call to action- to do something by a certain date

Here are the simple steps to influence and persuasion for a successful presentation and in this sequence.

  1. Start with the listeners point of view
  2. Show them how benefits solve the problem
  3. Prepare a list of objections that they will most likely have
  4. Summarize the listeners point of view again
  5. Have them take the action you want by a certain time frame.

Here are two examples.  The first is convincing someone on a new idea you have, the second is convincing your friends that Saturday night dinner is at the place you want to go, even though everyone has their favorite spot in mind.

Selling your idea on a new product you developed:  “Dan I know you want to attract new markets and increase your company’s profits.  New products are the heart beat of every company, especially when they appeal to your target customers and meet your profit objectives.  My idea will help you deliver those customers and add more profit to your bottom line.  You may be thinking, how can I afford to develop new products or spend money to buy them.  Dan, you don’t have to, in fact you don’t even need to buy my super widget product.  We can do a joint venture, and I will make 8% on any sales you make and I will help you to market it.”  We need a short follow up meeting to review the concept.”  Think you may get a yes here?

Selling your friends on your dinner location:

“Hey Tom and Mary.  I know you guys love the hustle and bustle in a white table cloth establishment.  And Carl and Rose, you just mentioned you love fine Italian.  Honey, we should think about Napoli’s Fine Classic Italian restaurant Saturday night.  Now I know everyone is thinking of their favorite spots, but tonight seems like it should be special, different and upbeat.  It’s not the last supper- a little humor, and this place is really heating up in the news!  I will handle the reservations for six at 8 PM.”   I think you made a good case and would likely convince the group.

Influence and persuasion- high performance tools- The Presentation



In my book Be Thinkful, I include a template tool for making presentations.  It’s called The Presentation Master.  It starts with the listener’s point of view.  The Presentation Master is included as a free bonus for buying the book and comes with an easy to use worksheet and excel template you can use for every presentation you make.  The book is $7.95.

Good luck with learning new skills like influence and persuasion.  If you get this skill right, your dreams will come true.

George Napoli is both an author: Be Thinkful©, as well as an entrepreneur having coached and trained thousands of employees and entrepreneurs in high level skill sets in Leadership, Six Sigma, Management Training and a wide range of high level- life changing skill sets like thinking, creativity and innovation and change.  I am a Professional Blogger and Professional Internet Marketer.  I am fortunate to hold Masters Certificates in Human Resource Development, Strategic Organizational Leadership and a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, all from Villanova University.

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New Skills Development Strategies Innovation Can Change Your Destiny-Life’s Path


New Skills Development Strategies

Innovation Can Change Your Destiny-Life’s Path Or Help You Become A Fast Tracker In Your Carrers Or Business

New Skills- Innovation Can Change Your Destiny- Life's Path

New Skills- Innovation Can Change Your Destiny- Life's Path

New skills development strategies-  what’s in this title?

Besides some  great insight on innovation, we also use the term destiny for those listeners  that believe “destiny prevails, ”and for those doubters that believe destiny does  not exist let alone prevail,  we use the  term life’s path as the meaning behind destiny.

New skills -defining innovation

What is innovation? According to Merriam-Webster, innovation is:

Main Entry:   in•no•va•tion: noun

1 : the  introduction of something new

2 : a new  idea, method or device

New skills –innovation quote

 “Without change there is no innovation,  creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a  better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”- William Pollard

New Skills- what is destiny noun/

1.The events  that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

2.The hidden  power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

New skills destiny quote

“Destiny is no matter of chance. It  is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be  achieved.” –  William Jennings Bryan quotes

New skills- a new year

With the New  Year and the birth of 2012, most people view the holiday as a reflective  period, as they transition into a New Year.   The New Year for most people is about stopping or quitting something  they don’t like and want to change about themselves, or it’s the creation of promises  for an improved and better you.

So let’s  look at this subject as a way to potentially make 2012 not only a great year,  but potentially one that will change your life, your so called destiny and life’s path.

New skills innovation, change and creativity

You can’t  talk about innovation without talking about change and creativity.  At the core of innovation lies the need for  improvement.  That’s where the change
comes in.  At the core of innovation lies  creativity.  Creativity is clearly the
catalyst for change, innovation and improvement.

But  innovation is not about stopping smoking, quitting biting your nails or a way to  support the promises we make to ourselves in the form of resolutions.  So keep reading to learn more about what we  mean when we say:  innovation and change  your destiny and life’s path.

To do that,  we need to dial in a little deeper into innovation, sometimes referred to as an idea.  An idea is useful only to the inventor unless it is offered to the public. If the idea improves some product, process or service for the public, then that idea transforms into an innovation.

An innovation can be big or small. Brand-new, or just a bit different: it doesn’t
matter. An innovation can be clearly complex or seemingly simple.  Innovations are often thought of in terms of technical achievement, but can also be a design or process improvement: how you do things. A new product idea, something that solves a problem for example.  The type, industry and style of innovation are irrelevant:  an innovation’s impact determines its qualification.

By now, you are probably asking, innovate, me changing my life, my destiny by innovating.  I don’t see it, or this isn’t me.  And hey, by the way, how many people really develop breakthrough innovations that can change their lives anyway?

OK, I can agree with these truths about true breakthrough innovation, but let’s go a little further to get our arms around innovation as a basic skill set that can
work for you before we move on looking for the next quick fix or shiny push
buttons that just don’t exist.  Along the way I will also show you how to innovate at work to grow personally and professionally…maybe even get you promoted by being seen as a Fast Tracker and go to person.

New skills- and three types of innovation

  1. Sustaining innovation- these are incremental variations, small and minor changes to a theme or project
  2. Breakout  innovation- those that significantly increase the level of play with an existing category.
  3. Disruptive innovation-something just short of break through innovation: yet large enough to cause a disruption to the current way of doing things

New skills-one simple action can change your life and your business-my personal story as an example.

So I’m playing golf on a really hot afternoon: mid 90’s and I can’t seem to drink enough water.  I’m in the middle of a sand trap 165 yards from the green when I look down and see a putter in my hand.  If you’re not a golfer, you may not realize that as a big problem, since a putter is used for short distances and rolling the balls on greens.

So now I realize I am probably dehydrated.  I get through the round and start thinking about how I can drink more water to avoid this problem in the future.  Everyone knows water is bland and not really fun to drink.  But when I think back to times when drinking it was easy, I remember the tastes and flavors of water that some eateries served:  lemon water, cucumber water,
even basil water.

Next was my AHA moment when I realized the common denominators were all flavors.  To make a long story short, I jumped both feet into the world of flavoring and developed the first natural flavor drops to enhance the taste of water specifically then on to tea, coffee and dairy products.

The brand is Yum Drops Flavoring and it is now the number 1 natural flavor concentrate and flavor drop on the internet, with over 50 flavors, serving 23 countries and with 165 sales affiliates.  True story and a real life example of how innovation can change your life and affect your life’s path and with some mental energy and diligence, you can do the same.  It surely changed mine.  Check out my innovation at

New skills-the power of innovation

Innovation is actually an inherent talent.  That means everyone has it.  Surprisingly many of us don’t think we have this skill.  Let’s look at the power of innovation.  If you’ve ever marveled at somebody’s creative prowess, guess what, you can create and innovate too. It just takes time. Everyone is born creative. The box of crayons in kindergarten was not limited to those who possessed potential; because the truth is, everybody has potential.

You know how long it took to learn to ride a bike, or drive, or to never commit the same mistake again? It’s the same with innovation. It takes some practice and a lot of time before this skill set comes easily-when you want it, at the snap of a finger.

A single harmless snow flake can cause an avalanche.”

Our next  post will teach you the keys to innovate and once you have them, you can open  the doors to them anytime you want, in any area of your life: work, play,  whatever.  Along with that, I will even give you the insight and strategies to make 2012 a year of innovation, improvement and change, so that even you can in fact: change your life.  Innovation can change your life


Learn New Skills Development Strategies For 2012


Learn New Skills Development Strategies For 2012

Skill Development Strategies- Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills-Skill Development Strategies

OK learn new skills Bloggers’ and Listeners’.  We are ready to wrap up 2011 and have set our eyes on the New Year for learning new skills.

Learn new skills– reflective thinking

Reflective thinking is looking to the past. Reflective thinking involves personal consideration of one’s own learning.  It considers personal achievements and failures and asks what worked, what didn’t.  I wrote an entire post on it so you can always review it for more details…it’s time to move on.

Learn new skills- what did we learn in 2011

Thinking and creativity are two essential skill sets for improving performance, getting ahead, getting hired and getting promoted.

Learn new skills-what did we accomplish

Value Drivers-improve your business or personal proposition

Value Drivers-improve your business or personal proposition

We set the foundation on “Value Drivers” for individuals and entrepreneurs to be able to create their own personal branding and business brands by enhancing their value proposition.  Personal branding is the hottest strategy and trends for the coming New Year.  Remember that for next year.

We got the message out that companies are looking for great thinkers.  They hire more of them and pay them better.

We showed you the keys to become a great thinker including several high level posts on specific thinking strategies.

We think we hit the nail on the head with a HIGH A by delivering the top 50 free websites for skills and performance tools in the following categories:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Free Publicity
  • Social Media
  • Internet Marketing

Learn new skills- where did we come up short

Our strategies are focused on skills and tools for improving performance for employees, managers and entrepreneurs.  We think we got that right.  We think our top 50 free websites starts to address the missing component for our complete strategy.

Learn new skills-completing our strategy

Learn new skills will also be focusing on entrepreneurs that either have or are planning to have an offline or online businesses and want to improve their online marketing performance.

Our approach to these loyal listeners will be what we call…improving your online marketing performance 1 pixel at a time.  We prefer the ripple effect for sustained long term effectiveness, versus the big splash.

We will be offering affordable internet skills and tools for these entrepreneurs at our new internet skills and tools website.  The real thrust of our efforts for the New Year on this site is strictly to improve your internet skills and provide high performance internet tools for internet marketing.

You can only truly serve one master…so we are choosing blogging and WordPress as the key platform to all of our offline/online marketing efforts.
The tools are easy to use and the skills are even easier to learn.  In the above paragraph, we mentioned our new internet skills and tools website.  We
are featuring a bundled product that includes 60 videos on learning everything
you need to know about WordPress and an info book on blogging for cash: how to monetize your blog and or how to make money with your new blog is you want to.

These two products are a great way for beginners and advanced bloggers to really get their arms around the world of blogging and WordPress.  You can buy them both for only $7.95 at now.

Learn new skills-a look into our blogging calendar for 2012

Here is a short list of posts coming in 2012 to help you learn new skills:

  • Innovation can change your life- this will come out just before New Years.
  • What is drive-what motivates us?
  • Motivation- the heart of self improvement
  • Develop your intuition
  • Learn new skills-what can time management bring to yourself improvement
  • More on self improvement strategies and tips and learn new skills
  • Showcasing-a proprietary online marketing strategy focused on how to set up your offline/online business for the price of a good dinner in a moderately priced restaurant; includes the 5 simple steps to the how and where to do it.  I predict we can teach you everything you need to know and do for an initial investment of less than $50: maybe even less than $35, with an annual operating expense of less than $100 all in.  You won’t want to miss that.  If you follow our showcasing strategy, I will show the inside secrets for creating your own products, or info products and the keys to becoming an effective affiliate marketer and make commissions on another company’s products.
  • Offline/Online Marketers-Hostgator: it’s all in the web hosting service, and the inside strategies and keys to their high level internet performance tools.
  • Contrary to what you have heard: content is the medium and relationships are king
  • Influence and persuasion- how to get others to understand and accept your ideas

Before I close, I think it’s time to ask you if there is something special you want to learn about or if there is a special problem you need help with.  You can either post it or email us at  Also, if you have any ideas, suggestions or thoughts to help us improve what we do or help you, just let us know.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Holidays to you and we wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year for 2012.  We think 2012 looks very promising for you to learn new skills, enhance your skill development strategies and to improve your personal or offline/online business dreams, goals and aspirations.


Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing-By Learn New Skills Blog

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills and Perfromance Tools

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills and Perfromance Tools

There is no better time to talk about joy, smiling and laughter than at Thanksgiving when everyone is hopefully in a good mood, sharing and grateful for what life has brought all of us. That’s the theme for today’s post.

Also, next week is Thanksgiving and time for annual top 50 free websites.

Top 50 Free Websites 2011 Skills And Performance Tools

We are getting excited about the BUZZ on our top 50 free websites for 2011. We publish this list just in time for Thanksgiving…keep your eyes open for it.

Why the BUZZ for this list? Our theme explains it best.

No Money. No problem.

All the FREE skills and tools for employees, managers and entrepreneurs looking to learn new skills and tools for improving performance:  Grow Yourself.  Grow Your Organization.  Inlcudes internet performance tools, for small businesses looking to grow and take their business to the next level.  Great for online//offline marketing.

More on that next week, now back to thinking, creativity and laughter.

Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing-Article Post

So now you ask, what does laughter have to do with thinking? OK, let’s look at the medicinal value of laughter and thinking and at the same time, lay down some background on the value of laughter, smiling, joy and happiness.

The good, the bad, the ugly- laughter is the best medicine and when you smile, the world smiles with you.

Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing- background
Being full of joy, smiling and laughing and enjoying even the smallest things reduces the effects of stress, increases brain activity and heightens creativity, all of which helps you overcome challenges in difficult time.

Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing-the bad

Hey, doom and gloom consumes us today, at every corner. Work and unemployment, economic slowdown and no jobs, 401K’s reduced to 201K’s and the story just starts there. It is easy to get consumed by it and become negative thinking: this is no time to laugh or enjoy life.

Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing-the ugly

It’s easier to be depressed in bad times than good. When you get depressed, your mind shuts down, you lose your creativity and people tend to isolate themselves. Depression comes with a full laundry list of symptoms, none f them good. It’s also a huge precursor to stress. The two make you uptight, cranky and allow you to easily push people away when you need their support the most.

Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing-the good-
We typically use the left side of the brain in most activities, but not when we laugh and smile and experience joy. When we laugh, we light up the right side of the brain. Our research reveals that when people have been struggling with a problem and feel stuck, our focus narrows, and our ability to solve problems is greatly reduced and limited. Experts say, we do much better when we break a way and enjoy a good hearty laugh.

Here’s the bottom line: if you have a sense of humor, and smile and laugh regularly, you mind brightens up and you come up with fresh ideas and make better decisions and your problem solving abilities are enhanced.

Think Better And Be More Creative By Laughing is published by Learn New Skills Blog.


Learn New Skills-The REAL VALUE Of Thinking And Creativity


Learn New Skills-

The REAL VALUE Of Thinking And Creativity

Stand out in a crowd when you learn new skills like thinking and creativity

Learn New Skills-The REAL VALUE Of Thinking And Creativity And Top Performance

Learn new skills-The real value of thinking

When you learn new skills like thinking skills, here is what happens.  Great thinking produces the groundwork for great results.  You just can’t have performance and great results without better thinking.  Poor thinking creates negative consequences, and average thinking produces simply no improvements or progress.

Great thinking generates great improvements in your performance and progress.  Great thinking combined with great ideas releases a person’s real potential.  Good thinking generates more good thinking for those who turn it into a practice.  That’s exactly how you start to become a great thinker.

“An invasion of armies could be resisted, but never an invasion of ideas”

Learn new skills- thinking should be obvious to us

The REAL VALUE of great thinking, generating ideas and the ability to sell yourself and influence others should be apparent to all of us.  It’s hard to advance without it, and it’s even harder to be successful, or to earn life changing income, without being a better thinker.

Here’s why.  Unsuccessful individuals concentrate their thinking on existing and surviving.  How can you generate ideas when you are merely trying to get by?   When you learn new skills like thinking and creativity, you understanding the effects associated with changing your thinking, and you are more inclined to improve your thinking skills. 

 Learn new skills-improve your thinking and creativity

1. Improved thinking creates the base line for good results
2. Poor thinking only creates negative results
3. Average thinking produces little to no progress
4. Good thinking improves your chances for success
5. Great thinking produces greater performance, success and income

Only when a person makes the proper changes and improvements to their thinking do things change, and turn out better for them.  That’s when you can start to understand better, think better, and generate great ideas for your company or yourself.

Learn new skills-change your thinking

Improving your thinking is all about changing attitudes and beliefs.

Change is a personal thing- “I would really want to change.”  Change is really possible-“I am able to change.”  Change is profitable- “I’ll be rewarded by change.” 

Changing your beliefs, changes your expectations.  Changing your expectations, changes your attitude.  Changing your attitude changes your behavior.  Changing your behavior changes your performance. 

When you learn a new skill like thinking, this is what happens.  Changing your performance, changes your life…and this my friends is exactly how you become successful and produce life changing income!

Learn new skillscreativity

Thinking and creativity go hand and hand.  The more creative you are the better thinker you are.  Here is an inside look at creativity and the skills you develop as you become more creative.

1. Learn new skills like-Curiosity

When you learn new skills like creativity, you start to ask ‘why’, ‘what if’ and ‘I wonder…’ are great questions to build into your life if you want to be a more creative person. Learn new skills like creativity to be more employable is one great benefit.  Companies like creative people.

2. Learn new skills to-Finding the FUN in Problems

The biggest problem is that we often see problems or obstacles in life as unacceptable parts of life. We avoid pain or suppress it when it comes and in doing so, we don’t often see and feel symptoms that are there to tell us something important. Creative people see problems as a natural and normal part of life – in fact they often have a fascination with problems and are drawn to them.   That is why creativity and thinking go hand in hand.

3. Learn new skills to Confront Challenge

Most of the most creative ideas through-out history have come from people facing a challenge or crisis and rather than running from it asking ‘how can I overcome this’?

4. Learn new skills for- Constructive Discontent

Creativity and creative people often have an acute awareness of what’s wrong with the world around them – however they are constructive about this awareness and won’t allow themselves to get bogged down in grumbling about it – they take their discontent and let it be a motivation to doing something constructive.

5. Learn new skills for Being Positive

Learning creative skills gives you a unique attitude and belief that most (if not all) problems can be solved. No challenge is too big to be overcome and no problem cannot be solved (this doesn’t mean they’re always happy or never depressed – but they don’t generally get stumped by a challenge).

6. Learn new skills for Suspending Judgment

As you start learning creative skills, you begin to hold off on judging or critiquing an idea is important in the process of creativity. Often great ideas start as crazy ones – if critique is applied too early the idea will be killed and never developed into something useful and useable. (note – this doesn’t mean there is never a time for critique or judgment in the creative process – it’s actually key – but there is a time and place for it).

7. Learn new skills- Obstacles Lead To Innovation, Improvement & Solutions

This subject is similar to the example above,  but by ‘hurdles’ I mean problems and mistakes in the creative process itself. Sometimes it’s on the journey of developing an idea that the real magic happens and it’s often out of the little problems or mistakes that the idea is actually improved.

8. Learn new skills- Stick With It-Ness

Creative people who actually see their ideas come to fruition have the ability to stick with their ideas and see them through – even when the going gets tough. This is what sets apart the great from the good in this whole sphere. Stick-ability is key.

9. Learn new skills to develop-Flexible Imagination

It’s fun watching a truly creative person at work when they’re ‘on fire’. They have this amazing ability to see a problem or challenge and it’s many potential solutions simultaneously and they have an intuitive knack at being able to bring previously disconnected ideas together in flashes of brilliance that seem so simple – yet which are so impossible to dream up for the average person.

Is Creativity tied to Personality A Trait or Can it be Learned?

As I read through this list of traits of creative people – the question that I know the answer to is whether creativity is tied to personality type or whether it can be learned?

Yes creativity is a learning skill.

Some people are just creative – they don’t train themselves to think like they do and they often don’t even know that they are any different from the rest of us – it’s just who they are.

However, we can all enhance our ability to be creative over time when learning new skills.   When you learn new skills like our thinking and creativity skill sets, you will really become a creative type.

If you want to become successful and live at a new level, you have to be more creative and think at a new level.  Learning skills and using the life changing skill sets associated with Be Thinkful© is the right product for you, and the right time for you to start learning how to think and understand better, be more creative and yes…even generate great ideas.