Learn New Skills Development Strategies For 2012


Learn New Skills Development Strategies For 2012

Skill Development Strategies- Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills-Skill Development Strategies

OK learn new skills Bloggers’ and Listeners’.  We are ready to wrap up 2011 and have set our eyes on the New Year for learning new skills.

Learn new skills– reflective thinking

Reflective thinking is looking to the past. Reflective thinking involves personal consideration of one’s own learning.  It considers personal achievements and failures and asks what worked, what didn’t.  I wrote an entire post on it so you can always review it for more details…it’s time to move on.

Learn new skills- what did we learn in 2011

Thinking and creativity are two essential skill sets for improving performance, getting ahead, getting hired and getting promoted.

Learn new skills-what did we accomplish

Value Drivers-improve your business or personal proposition

Value Drivers-improve your business or personal proposition

We set the foundation on “Value Drivers” for individuals and entrepreneurs to be able to create their own personal branding and business brands by enhancing their value proposition.  Personal branding is the hottest strategy and trends for the coming New Year.  Remember that for next year.

We got the message out that companies are looking for great thinkers.  They hire more of them and pay them better.

We showed you the keys to become a great thinker including several high level posts on specific thinking strategies.

We think we hit the nail on the head with a HIGH A by delivering the top 50 free websites for skills and performance tools in the following categories:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Free Publicity
  • Social Media
  • Internet Marketing

Learn new skills- where did we come up short

Our strategies are focused on skills and tools for improving performance for employees, managers and entrepreneurs.  We think we got that right.  We think our top 50 free websites starts to address the missing component for our complete strategy.

Learn new skills-completing our strategy

Learn new skills will also be focusing on entrepreneurs that either have or are planning to have an offline or online businesses and want to improve their online marketing performance.

Our approach to these loyal listeners will be what we call…improving your online marketing performance 1 pixel at a time.  We prefer the ripple effect for sustained long term effectiveness, versus the big splash.

We will be offering affordable internet skills and tools for these entrepreneurs at our new internet skills and tools website.  The real thrust of our efforts for the New Year on this site is strictly to improve your internet skills and provide high performance internet tools for internet marketing.

You can only truly serve one master…so we are choosing blogging and WordPress as the key platform to all of our offline/online marketing efforts.
The tools are easy to use and the skills are even easier to learn.  In the above paragraph, we mentioned our new internet skills and tools website.  We
are featuring a bundled product that includes 60 videos on learning everything
you need to know about WordPress and an info book on blogging for cash: how to monetize your blog and or how to make money with your new blog is you want to.

These two products are a great way for beginners and advanced bloggers to really get their arms around the world of blogging and WordPress.  You can buy them both for only $7.95 at http://www.internetskillsandtools.com/ now.

Learn new skills-a look into our blogging calendar for 2012

Here is a short list of posts coming in 2012 to help you learn new skills:

  • Innovation can change your life- this will come out just before New Years.
  • What is drive-what motivates us?
  • Motivation- the heart of self improvement
  • Develop your intuition
  • Learn new skills-what can time management bring to yourself improvement
  • More on self improvement strategies and tips and learn new skills
  • Showcasing-a proprietary online marketing strategy focused on how to set up your offline/online business for the price of a good dinner in a moderately priced restaurant; includes the 5 simple steps to the how and where to do it.  I predict we can teach you everything you need to know and do for an initial investment of less than $50: maybe even less than $35, with an annual operating expense of less than $100 all in.  You won’t want to miss that.  If you follow our showcasing strategy, I will show the inside secrets for creating your own products, or info products and the keys to becoming an effective affiliate marketer and make commissions on another company’s products.
  • Offline/Online Marketers-Hostgator: it’s all in the web hosting service, and the inside strategies and keys to their high level internet performance tools.
  • Contrary to what you have heard: content is the medium and relationships are king
  • Influence and persuasion- how to get others to understand and accept your ideas

Before I close, I think it’s time to ask you if there is something special you want to learn about or if there is a special problem you need help with.  You can either post it or email us at info@learnskillsets.com.  Also, if you have any ideas, suggestions or thoughts to help us improve what we do or help you, just let us know.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Holidays to you and we wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year for 2012.  We think 2012 looks very promising for you to learn new skills, enhance your skill development strategies and to improve your personal or offline/online business dreams, goals and aspirations.


Learn New Skills- Develop Your Personal Value Proposition And Learn New Skills

Increase your value prosoposition with thinking skills

Learn New Skills-Insight Career Development

 Learn New SKills Video-Thinking Skill Development

Learn New Skills-

And increase your value

Are you tired of hearing no?  No, you don’t have the skills we need.  No you didn’t get that promotion.  Maybe it’s time you take steps now to learn new skills that every employer and company are looking for.

 When it comes to increasing your core values as an individual or in growing your company, nothing can enhance your value proposition more than to learn new skills.  Companies spend a great amount of time and money developing their value proposition and here’s way.

Learn new skills- defining a value proposition

A value proposition is promising some value to be delivered and a belief from the customer of value that they will experience. A value proposition can apply to an entire organization, or parts thereof, or customer accounts, or products or services.  Creating a value proposition is a fundamental business component and a critical high level business strategy.  Kaplan and Norton are two world known business strategists, and here is a short summary of what they have to say about a value proposition. “Strategy is based on a differentiation and satisfying customers is the source of a sustainable value creation.

Learn new skills-high level strategy

If it holds true for companies, doesn’t it make sense for individuals as well?  In these tough competitive times with high unemployment, erosion of good quality jobs and intense competition on the jobs that are out there, now more than ever you need to increase your value proposition and the best way to do that is by learning new skills.

Here is the key point to value propositions.   A value proposition is the solution to a customer’s problem and in your case, maybe it’s a prospective employer.  It goes hand in hand with the problem the company or the product is solving or what the company needs from a job candidate.  With that knowledge in hand now we need to take a deeper look at developing a personal value proposition so that you can increase your own personal value.

 A personal value proposition “should be a statement of the tangible results a company will get from hiring you, the unique skills and benefits you will bring to an employer that others won’t.”  That is where a unique and differentiated strategy comes in.  Before we begin to develop a personal value proposition (PVP) let’s digress and look at a new term we need to introduce called: “value drivers” and the best place to start for understand this term is the investment banking world. 

Did you ever wonder why one business has buyers lined up willing to pay top dollar while another sits on the market for months, or even years?   What do buyers look for in a prospective business acquisition? The characteristics buyers seek must exist before the sale process even begins.   It is the job of the business owner to create value within their business prior to a sale.

 Learn New Skills: High Level skills- Value Drivers that enhance value

Here is a short list of the items, common to all industries, which drive up value for an entrepreneur’s called: “Value Drivers.” Here are the critical key value drivers for any successful business:

  • A stable, motivated management team
  • Operating systems that improve sustainability of cash flows
  • A solid, diversified customer base
  • Facility appearance consistent with asking price
  • A realistic growth strategy
  • Effective financial controls
  • Good and improving cash flow

These are the core reasons a buyer is willing to pay a premium price.  The more successful you are in developing each component, the higher your business value. These value drivers are centered on their perception of risk and return.

Now let’s take a look at the core value drivers when you learn new skills to increase your personal value proposition.  These are the critical skills employers are looking for today when you learn new skills.  Interesting to note, for the most part they haven’t really changed for years.

 Job skills and formal education

  • Communications skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Pride in your work and a hard work ethic
  • Creativity and the ability to solve problems
  • Time Management and
  • Self Confidence
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Learn new skills

Sure, there are specialized high level skill sets some people have like: project management, graphics art, internet marketing.  The list goes on and on and yes, having high level skill sets greatly increases your value tremendously.  When you learn new skills, these aslo increase your value tremedously as well.

Make the time commitment now and learn new skills.  The best one to start with without a doubt is thinking skills.  Our Be Thinkful© skill set development program includes three skills in one

  1. Thinking skills
  2. Creativity skills
  3. Influence and persuasion skills

Learn these skills now at http://www.bethinful.com/ and increase your value proposition. And most important of all…and keep on learning.   After all, if you have a passion for learning and learn new skills like thinking and creativity, you will already be on well on your way to increasing your value.